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Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon Sold Over 100K And 56% Of Those Sales Were On Nintendo Switch

The retro inspired Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon which launched recently on the Nintendo Switch has done tremendously well on the platform. In total 100K copies were shifted across multiple platforms, but the game sold the most on the Nintendo Switch. Inti Creates has revealed that 56% of sales of the game were for Nintendo’s latest system.






    1. Yeah exactly. The switch, as long as these indie game sales keep on coming along for both big and small titles, could be the saviour of the industry itself with how helpful it is to indies.


    1. Maybe you think this is Ritual of the night but also this game is coming to the Switch


  1. I bet the fact that this being a spin off to an upcoming spiritual successor to Castlevania and selling extremely well as a spin off to an unreleased game is probably the reason Konami, all of a sudden, decided to announce two Switch games, one being an “action adventure” (probably that Castlevania game recently announced for mobile, and the other being a collection of some sort (most likely a Castlevania collection).


      1. Only reason why I phrased it that way is due to Bloodstained Ritual of the Night being announced first and Curse of the Moon being announced afterwards as a prequel rather than the original spiritual successor.


      2. Well, RotN is an spiritual successor to Igavanias while this is an spiritual successor to NESvanias, they are two different style of games, so they are both “original” spiritual successors of different Vania types.


  2. This game is awesome and it feels to play a Castelvania game on the NES

    Inticreates knows how to make an 8-bit game still cool today


    1. if you’re a backer you have to get you code from the backer site where they put up the survey asking which platform you would prefer your backer game on. They already sent out the codes for Steam, Switch, and I checked last night and the ps4 codes are up now for backers.


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