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Pokemon Company CEO Says Pokemon 2019 Will Come During Second Half Of Year And More Details

Pokémon Company CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara, recently participated in an interview with Famitsu to talk about the upcoming Pokemon games Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! and also Pokemon 2019. While he couldn’t say too much about the Pokemon game scheduled for next year, he did reiterate that it will come during the second half of the year and will feature brand new Pokemon. It will also feature improved visuals over any prior Pokemon title, and will be completely different from Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! & Let’s Go Eevee!




  1. “will feature brand new Pokémon”

    “and will be completely different from Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! & Let’s Go Eevee!”

    Sounds like Gen8 to me, though hopefully I’m wrong and it’s like Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness as those games were my favourites.

    1. Yeah it’s gen 8 for sure. The Let’s Go games are the closest you will get to the colloseum type games at the moment in that they have trainer battles only and an alternative way of catching

    2. I seriously do not understand why people don’t think the next core Pokémon game is NOT generation 8. I’m not trying to be a butt, I just want to understand the thought process as to why it wouldn’t be a new generation.

      Especially since the next games announced for this year are spin-offs, and the series is being moved to a completely different console, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be generation 8.

      1. I seriously don’t understand why people think the Let’s Go! games are spinoffs. I’ve never seen anyone refer to FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, SoulSilver, OmegaRuby or AlphaSapphire as spinoffs. Those are remakes, just like the Let’s Go! games are remakes.

      2. They’re not remakes though. Although it’s a reimagining if Kanto, it’s a completely different gameplay style, in the form of Pokémon Go. That’s not a remake. A remake is what HGSS is to GS, or ORAS to RS.

        I can definitely see why people would refer to them as such, and I definitely would as well if they didn’t change the gameplay as much as they did.

    3. Nintendo already 100% confirmed that it is Generation 8.. How is this still a question? They said “CORE” Pokemon game, Generation 8, and will play more like X/Y or Sun/Moon. They said this after they showed the Lets Go games… it was all over the news, Twitter.. I guess a bunch of people have still missed this somehow.

    4. I don’t know why people consider them spin-offs
      Because they have no gyms? Pokemon sun and Moon neither. Because it’s a TV release?
      Well then Pokemon emerald is a spin-off if I play it on the TV through a gba player.
      Because you had no reason wild encounter? In XD you had to set bait to attract wild Pokemon but it was a pretty normal Pokemon game just with slight variations. I’d rather consider breath of the wild a spin-off as it’s so much different to previous Zelda games than XD to emerald for example.

      I just don’t get why it’s a spin-off. Let’s go is considered a main game although the wild Pokemon Battles are way different.

      XD was great… One of my fav.

      1. “Because they have no gyms? Pokemon sun and Moon neither. ”

        Straw man. Nobody said gyms were the basis of what made it a core game. Obviously the base gameplay mechanics are the defining characteristic.

        “Because it’s a TV release?
        Well then Pokemon emerald is a spin-off if I play it on the TV through a gba player.”

        A ridiculous reach. You could play the originals on the Super Game Boy player. That didn’t make them “tv games”. Though I don’t think anyone considers being on a portable only system to be a defining characteristic either. People have wanted a core game on a full home console since Red and Blue came out. Another straw man.

        “Because you had no reason wild encounter? In XD you had to set bait to attract wild Pokemon but it was a pretty normal Pokemon game just with slight variations. ”

        Why would you use XD as your example when nobody considers it a core game either?

        ” I’d rather consider breath of the wild a spin-off as it’s so much different to previous Zelda games than XD to emerald for example.”

        Well for one, you’re again inserting XD as a core game which is not the general consensus. Aside from that, if you’re an old man like me, you’ll have noticed BotW is significantly *more* like a traditional Zelda game than most of the titles we’ve seen in the Aonuma era. While there are obviously gameplay mechanics not present in the NES and SNES days, the fundamental design philosphy of how the game is presented to the player is *MUCH* more akin to the original NES masterpiece and a more effective 3d rendition of Zelda than the OoT derived titles.

        “I just don’t get why it’s a spin-off. ”

        Because the game is presented in a fundamentally different way than every single core series game. Play Blue, then Gold, Then Ruby, then Diamond, then Black, then X, then Sun. They don’t just have some similarities. They’re nearly the same game with *slightly* different plots.

        What I don’t get is why you care what is or isn’t a side game. It’s not like the label makes a game better or worse.

      2. Pokemon Colosseum and XD are not main games, but they use the same battle mechanics. Look it up. They’re considered side games, aka, spin-offs. Same with Let’s Go.

      3. I can see either side of what people think about them being part of the core series or not. I personally don’t think it makes sense but the Pokemon Co. themselves are referring to it as a “mainline RPG.”

        Here’s some evidence for anyone still in doubt. In the presentation the translator says “..the newest titles in the mainline series of Pokemon RPGs…” Found at 17:25 on

        I’m sure people will still argue this, even though it’s directly from the Pokemon Company. I know I want to. But I’m wrong.

  2. The part about improved visuals makes me regain hope about gen 8 possibly dropping the top-down perspective and getting a free-moving camera.

    1. Same otherwise it would be a huge dissapointment and possibly the end for me. Been waiting for something like this since the Gameboy Advanced when World of Warcraft was already a thing.

      1. “Improved visuals” is in reference to previous generations of Pokemon. It won’t take much for the game to have improved visually over Sun and Moon. You are setting yourself up for disappointment and I’m sure when it releases and it isn’t the WoW version of Pokemon you envision you will throw a temper tantrum. Just use common sense and you’ll be okay.

        The game hasn’t been in development long enough for them to truly create a ground-breaking game visually-speaking. And even if they did have the time, it is on the Switch which has limited power anyway. If you’ve been waiting since the GBA era, you’ll be okay waiting another console generation or so.

      2. I know I will be dissapointed this is Nintendo where dealing with they have dissapointed core gamers for the past 15 years. Other company’s would have made a open world online Pokemon ages ago cause thats where the real money is but he what do I know right.

      3. This isn’t Nintendo, this is The Pokemon Company. Nintendo only owns 1/3 of the company, and while Pokemon is exclusively on Nintendo platforms (except for Pokemon Go) Nintendo isn’t the one working on the games. This isn’t like Monolith Soft or Retro which are wholly owned by Nintendo.

        Hopefully there will be an open world Pokemon RPG in the future, but I highly doubt that will arrive in 2019. I’m just being realistic.

  3. They already confirmed Gen 8, “Core” pokemon experience, with NO Pokemon Go integration when they showed off the Lets Go games.. Hooray for a second confirmation I guess, but how did EVERYBODY miss the first confirmation? LOL

  4. I’m really hyped for Let’s Go because of all the changes they’re making. Hopefully Gen 8 isn’t just more of what we’ve previously had. I’m all for another core game if they improve some of the outdated grindy mechanics. I’ll stay cautiously optimistic for now.

  5. Are people still trying to prove the Let’s Go games are mainline games so Emily can be 100% right? *shrug* Whatever. That entire debate got boring for me days ago. If people want to believe Emily Rogers was 100% right, who am I to rain on their parade.

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