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Digital Foundry: Official Super Mario Galaxy Running On The Nvidia Shield

The hardworking team over at Digital Foundry has provided some high quality footage of the critically acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy running on the Nvidia Shield platform. It’s an official port from Nintendo and is the first time it has officially been seen in HD as the game originally released on the SD Wii. Take a watch of the video down below.

“How might Wii games run on Switch? Well here’s a potential answer – with Nintendo’s support we have Super Mario Galaxy officially running on an Nvidia Shield TV – using the same Tegra X1 part as its hybrid console. This is thanks to a very accomplished emulator running behind the scenes, though there are plenty of pros and cons to this approach as Tom and Rich discuss.”

8 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Official Super Mario Galaxy Running On The Nvidia Shield”

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  2. They could easily add gyro controls for the pointer in a theoretical Switch version.

    Please do it Nintendo!!!

    1. well duh they can but if u look at World of Goo, it needs the ar bar and pointer to constantly calibrate where ur aiming at. WIthout it ur going to hav to constantly manually re-calibrate, since it slowly moves off ur point of center. Its a bit annoying but shuldnt b too much of an issue for ppl who are willing to do tht.

  3. I like in future play Wii games on mine iPad pro 12,9 with using original nintendo controlers (wifi or blutooth connected). Mario run is poor. Why nintendo (or Sony) dont release (serious Wii, psx) old games for android, ios (ipad)?? Hardware is powerfull. In this case i accept digital version Pay. I buy Final fantasy 7 and 9 for iPad and price is high. I no problem buy Mario galaxy 1&2 for iPad. 30eur for old smooth running nintendo quality game no problem for me.

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