VentureBeat: Nintendo “Aired 10 Commercials Over 4,000 Times, Generating 427,300,000 Impressions” In May 2018

VentureBeat has released some data on gaming television advertising. The data applies for all 31 days of May 2018. VentureBeat says that Nintendo’s television ad spending surpassed Sony in May. In fact, Nintendo spent more on advertising than any other gaming company last month, something that Sony had been doing for 7 months. Nintendo’s total estimated budget for television ad spending was about $8,600,000. Nintendo aired 10 commercials over 4,000 times in May, which generated 427,300,000 impressions. Nintendo’s “New Nintendo 2DS XL – Best Summer Getaway” commercial was the one with the most spending. It is estimated that $2,300,000 was spent on the commercial. The budgets were spread across multiple channels, including Nicktoons, Nickelodeon and TeenNick. They were also spread across shows such as The Loud House, SpongeBob, and Victorious. Here’s a pie chart with more data:



  1. No wonder I miss so many Nintendo commercials as they are all mostly on channels I don’t really care about or even watch anymore.

      1. When I get an internet provider that isn’t blackmailing me into buying their stupid satellite to have unlimited data (fuck AT&T), I’ll be moving fully into streaming. I’m using PlayStation Vue currently but I might move to YouTube TV when I can as they have more channels I watch on their basic bundle than Vue does on their basic one.

        1. Oh my gawd dude I know what you mean, the other day I was at charter paying my moms bill and the lady was like “want an upgrade on your service” (insert talking crap about another cable company here) This isn’t even my account yet she’s insisting on an upgrade so she can get a boost probably on her check or something

  2. I watch alot of TV and over the past month I’ve seen about 2 mk8 and around 6-9 labo… It’s okies but needs to be on loads more channels all the time lol

  3. I don’t watch TV so I can’t really say that I’ve seen this, but their ads are popping up a lot on YouTube. I’d be curious to see the budget for YouTube ads.

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