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Reggie Says Fortnite Has Already Had 2 Million Downloads On Nintendo Switch

Fortnite finally launched on the Nintendo Switch yesterday and Epic Games has done an excellent job with the port. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that the game has already had 2 million downloads since it went live, which just goes to show how big of a success the game has been.

“At this point, we’ve already had more than two million downloads on Fortnite. So that speaks to an engaged audience on Nintendo Switch as well as the core proposition of, I can now take it with me and play anywhere, anytime, with anyone, it’s really resonated.”


19 thoughts on “Reggie Says Fortnite Has Already Had 2 Million Downloads On Nintendo Switch”

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Well played on Mario Kart 8 today, just join me again next time you see me…||

    1. Lol… Don’t be so mean bro.
      I know this is real talk… But show some love to Crazy Justice… The battle royale that loved the Switch before Fortnite came like a side chic and stole the shine.

      1. Iโ€™m not trying to be mean, Iโ€™m just stating the sad truth. I totally agree that CJ deserves a fair shake. But it wonโ€™t get it because Fortnite swooped in the day before CJ released.

  1. Have to say I’ve really enjoyed it and didn’t think I would. I would prefer gyro controls but the stick controls are pretty smooth and I don’t mind them in this game. Have not had any network issues either

  2. Not surprised. If something is free, people are going to try it. I’m curious, though, how many people will still have on their Switch, say, a year from now.

  3. It’s free & it’s popular. I’d be shocked if it didn’t have this many downloads. I am surprised it doesn’t have even more downloads, though. No matter. I’m sure it will get even more before next Thursday rolls around.

    Oh & Fortnite is on PC which means it can be played on gaming laptops. I’m sure plenty of people were taking the game with them on the bus, to coffee shops, etc even before it was on Switch. Least now people that can’t afford gaming laptops can get the game on a cheaper alternative that they can also carry around wherever they go. So I’m not taking anything away from the Switch but I’m not gonna give them sole credit for something that another device is able to replicate just as easily. But hey! A wins a win! lol

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