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Nintendo America President Hits Back At Analysts As Stock Declines

Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentation didn’t quite live up to some fans expectations and as a result stock in the Kyoto-based company has declined. Bloomberg caught up with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime who decidedly hit back at the analysts and the subsequently declining stock. Here’s what Reggie had to say:

“As you look at Nintendo over these many years, if you look at the number of analysts who have actually gotten it right, it’s fairly small. And it’s because we as a company, we hold things close to the vest. We love to surprise the overall community and environment, and when we surprise, we surprise big.”

“Why the analysts reacted the way they did, who knows. But we know from a company perspective there’s a lot more up our sleeve and a lot more we have to show in the weeks and months ahead.”

“When we approach an event like E3, we show content that will launch over the next six to nine months, and no more. It’s the pacing of news, the pacing of launches that will drive the business forward. So what I say is, don’t worry, we’re driving the business forward, we’re driving engagement on the platform, and that’s what’s most important.”



28 thoughts on “Nintendo America President Hits Back At Analysts As Stock Declines”

    1. Exactly! They know that, when the moment is right, they going to show The Real new Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4 (OMG how i need this) the new Yoshi game and more. In the meantime, it’s sure that more third party are going to get into the platform.

  1. I do believe this it’s just they should of show more games, heck even pull metroid prime 4 scenario with most of the games they only been declining becuase they worry too much on what Nintendo will reveal

  2. What ever happened to showing off a good amount of games, like 15 of em, in the past before Iwata’s passing games that would release more than a year later would show up in these E3 Presentation, which I thought was a time for making quite major gaming announcements. In fact previous Smash Bros. games had their first screens shown off more than a year before the game’s release, giving time to explain details daily about stuff to expect in the game, but how long could Ultimate have possibly been worked on for?

  3. No games were simply announced to be in Development at E3 this year, I wonder if Reggie and Co actually saw this important letter to them:

    Once a New Official Mario Kart game is announced to be coming to the Switch with 16 or 20 NEW Nitro and Retro Tracks like with every other system, I’ll finally consider getting my hands on a Switch myself. Nit to worry, I’ll send out more letters to other gaming events of this year that Nintendo Developers would go to for them to see in regards to the Mario Kart franchise (PAX Prime, Tokyo Game Shows, Mobile Expo where the Non-Main Mario Kart game for Mobile Devices would get shown, Game Awards, places like that), sooner we’re assured the better. I mean surely they wouldn’t not announce that a Mario Kart game is in development for a System before the first screens of it are shown.

  4. It is nice that this year’s E3 Presentation was over 25 minutes, but the amount of stuff shown was nowhere near as much as in E3 2013:

    Ultimate was nice to’ve been shown off, but did it have to clog up wide portion of the presentation? Glad too that we finally saw Fire Emblem: Three Houses for first time, which is a game not due this year, but some games announced without screens having been shown are taking forever to to be shown off.

    1. It would of been best to announce it, a recent survey Nintendo did claim that only a small amount of women brought switches and majority of the rest where men, and the animal crossing demographic it leans to mostly toward women they have a huge percentage in the animal crossing demographic, not to mention Nintendo says they want to please all of the demographic so announcing animal crossing wouldn’t have made it decline a lot as most investors wanted to see a lot of new games

  5. It’s Nintendo all over. They always provided some sort of shortages. Obviously they are developing games, still 2018 is been empty, a shadow of the previous year. I just bought… uhm, nothing I think in 2018. I will buy Smash… probably Mario Tennis and Octopath. In 2017 (9 months) I bought Zelda, Mario Odissey, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Arms (+ indies). 2018 is just… empty.
    It’s their fault, they gain less money… why don’t they buy studios to put at least one big new game per month (plus those ports)? People would pay for it.

      1. Im about to hit game number 40th on my switch (physical bcs with digital i have more than 60) theres lo lack of games, people is always hard on nintendo, they are expecting a mario a zelda a metroid a pikmin every year, this isnt assassin’s creed, call of duty or fifa, also most of the games nintendo showed are coming this year, tell me which games other companies are releasing this year? Also (again) nintendo has direct all year long, you dont like it? Is their company you are not gonna make them change, please dont argue that they didnt show you what you want, its coming be patient now there are released more games than ever before, and i dont believe youre gonna play them all.

      2. It does not need to be an AAA, it must be new and good. It take from 2 to 5 years to develop an AA game, and yes they need to invest on expandin their business, they lose money every month because people is able to spend money every month, like they (actually) DO on other platforms. Why continue to listen people moaning because of lack of games when you can actually take their money by releasing more games? Third parties don’t care to make business with you? Then it’s up to you to provide that content.

        P.S.: Also releasing a sport game on yearly basis isn’t something to be ashamed of. People do buy. EA makes money on selling those games, Konami too.

  6. sounds just like a slimey manager. so much bullshit. “When we approach an event like E3, we show content that will launch over the next six to nine months, and no more” uh, like you think we forgot every other E3 you participated in Nintendo?

      1. Doesn’t matter, the way Reggie worded it was as if this was the way it’s always been, or at least for a good number of years. So he is lying regardless on that point. They’ve always shown games a year or more out.

  7. Speculation is speculation. Investors are trying to guess where the money is going to be. It means little to anyone who isn’t a current shareholder because what Nintendo does in fact produce and how successful they will be remains unchanged.

    Let’s see how this Christmas season does with a Smash game and a Pokemon title on the Switch. If they underperform, then I’ll be concerned.

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