A Number Of Pro Super Smash Bros Players Got To Meet Mr. Sakurai

A number of the elite Super Smash Bros players recently had the chance to meet Masahiro Sakurai backstage at this week’s E3 event in Los Angeles. They look like they were taken by surprise by the creator of the popular video game series. The next iteration in the Super Smash Bros franchise titled Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be released on the Nintendo Switch on 7th December.


  1. “Seeing as how these meet-and-greets are very hard on my mental state and difficult to develop, this will be my last meet-and-greet that I direct.”

    -Masahiro Sakurai

  2. I wouldn’t have minded the meeting. As much as I criticize these guys at Nintendo on here, I don’t harbor them ill will as human beings. Meeting any one of them in person would be a cool moment.

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