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Video: Digital Foundry Examine Fortnite On Nintendo Switch

The latest game the team at Digital Foundry have taken on is Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch. The game launched on Tuesday and has already amassed over two million downloads from Nintendo Switch owners. The game runs at 30fps but dips down to 20fps depending on the amount of players and the location. The resolution is 900p when docked with dynamic resolution which can go as low as 729p. When Fortnite is played in handheld mode it is 720p with dynamic resolution which can go as low as 360p. Here’s a roundup from Reset Era member mario_0.

  • 30fps ceiling. Drops to the 20’s depending on location and number of players.
  • All the major geometry is there. Feels like the entire package. Looks surprisingly good despite the drawbacks.
  • Docked mode: 900p with dynamic resolution (goes as low as 729p).
  • Portable: 720p with dynamic resolution (goes as low as 360p (rare)).
  • Draw distance is cut with lots of grass pop-in.
  • Poor texture filtering makes it look blurry.
  • Some noticeable network lag over wifi.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Digital Foundry Examine Fortnite On Nintendo Switch”

  1. I’m not going back to that game until the put gyro controls . Cross play doesnt work since pc is 1000 better.

  2. I would only pay it on switch. I played a couple of games and the performance was good I didn’t notice any dips or lag. But then again I’m not anal about that stuff

  3. Seems overly critical to me. Haven’t had any network issues and the game has always looked fine for me, no blurriness at all and certainly never gone anywhere near 360p. The problem I have with stuff like this is that it is probably so rare or so quick that it would dip so low that most people would never even know so it’s pretty irrelevant. No one is playing the Switch version to have the most technically impressive version anyway, it’s just good to have it with the flexibility of the Switch.

  4. Seems like they’ve got their work cut out for them to optimise this game to an acceptable level of quality

  5. The lag on the switch version is really bad even with a wired connection and also the frame drops. Portability is the only reason to put up with the huge drawbacks so I’ll be sticking to pc for home play.

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