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Dragon Ball FighterZ Release Date For Japan

Bandai Namco has revealed exactly when Japanese consumers can get their hands on Dragon Ball FighterZ for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be released on 27th September. A North American and European date has yet to be announced by the company, but the game is region free like all Nintendo Switch games.

“The Switch port will not come bundled with DLC content for free, but will include a free download code for SNES game Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden. Early purchasing will reward players with playable characters Goku and Vegeta (SSGSS), and the Switch port will contain a mode called Extreme Type, which makes pulling off super moves easier to accomplish.”


9 thoughts on “Dragon Ball FighterZ Release Date For Japan”

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  3. This game was a reason for me to consider buying a PS4. i am glad it’s coming on the Switch. Hopefully Ni Nu Kuni 2 also makes it to the Switch.

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