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Nintendo Of America President Says “Ask Netflix” When It Comes To Switch App

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was asked during E3 2018 about Netflix appearing on the platform. Switch owners are still waiting for the app to arrive on the system and it seems if we want that particular app, or any other app, then we will need to contact the publisher.

“For those types of questions, we have to refer you to the folks at Netflix.” But then he added, “What we said when we launched Nintendo Switch was that we wanted to have a gaming-first platform and that’s what we’ve created. And that’s what enabled us in the first 12 months in the United States to be the best-selling home console in the history of video games.

“Right now, we enable Hulu on the platform, we’ve said that other services will come in due time. For us, we want to make sure that continue driving the install base for Nintendo Switch, continue to have great games for the platform.”
He concluded, “In terms of what’s next on the streaming side, you’re gonna have to talk to those individual providers in terms of where they stand and what they’re working on.”

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21 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America President Says “Ask Netflix” When It Comes To Switch App”

      1. All last year Netflix kept saying it’s up to “NINTENDO” and that they have it ready to go WHENEVER.

  1. The best scenario would be that they form a team of Netflix and Nintendo engineers to build the app together.
    Nintendo could do the biggest chunk of the frontend, Netflix would obviously provide the backend.

    1. lol most retarded zhit i ever saw why would nintendo be building a netflix app for netflix so its nintendos job to build netflix and why would any end be reqiured considring the app already exists on every platform including eevry silgne ARM cpu deviced out there theres nothing to build iot already exists

  2. Let’s play a game of pass the $h|t cannister of blame. It’s your fault, no it’s your fault. Ultimately Nintendo should be left holding the can. If it does come to Switch I bet it’ll drain the battery faster than Roseanne Barr eating a Twinkie.

    1. It’s not. Netflix clearly doesnt have an app ready. All their PR can do is push the blame back at Nintendo. Companies rarely ever say things are their fault, but in this case, it’s most definitely Netflix’s fault.

  3. Seriously, who doesn’t have a medium for Netflix anyway at this point? Between ps3, ps4, smart tv’s, Roku, most Blu ray players, etc..

  4. I still say Hulu is paying Nintendo to keep them as the only streaming service on Switch for awhile. Least til they can get their live TV up & running before YouTube gets on their with their own live TV service.

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  6. What I think is really needed on Switch is an internet browser. What happens when I take my Switch with me is that I’m often locked out of signing onto other (public) wifis (hotel, airport). Often, when trying to hop on a public wifi, it will ask me to do something extra on a browser to activate it’s use. Therefore, Switch is utterly useless as a traveling gaming device.
    Please Nintendo, give us an internet browser!

    ALSO – please fix the profile/friends page. My friend had his console stolen and there is no way for me to send a message to the user (friend’s profile) to get it back. This is just dumb on Nintendo’s part.
    Also, a means for me to organize my friend’s list would be nice too; separate my friends from people I met online.

  7. Reggie, why you guys at Nintendo doesn’t add some other ways to view the home screen on the switch. It is getting annoying that I have to go to the right end of the screen to see the icons of all of my games and then it does not stays like that. CommonNintendo don’t be such slackers..

  8. All things considered I guess we should be grateful we even got a Hulu app on the Switch 🙄

    Netflix, Twitch, YouTube… so many things I’d like to see on there. Maybe since they’re charging for online now we’ll finally get some of them?

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