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Reggie Says That “We Will Still Have Wonderful Single-Player Experiences” On The Switch

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime talked to IGN at E3 2018 about single-player experiences for the Switch. There were a lot of multiplayer experiences at E3 this year, but not many single-player ones. However, Reggie reassured gamers that there will be more single-player experiences on the console in the future. Here is what Reggie said about the matter in full:

“A core proposition with Nintendo Switch is the ability to be playing a game and having an experience, seeing someone looking over at what you’re doing, and the ability to just pop out a controller, hand it to someone, and to jump into a multiplayer experience really is a key part of the proposition. [Multiplayer experiences are] not exclusive, so we will still have these wonderful single-player experiences like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The ability to have a multiplayer experience was a key part of the thinking for the Nintendo Switch.”



  1. Definitely Metroid. It’s just a case of WHEN.
    And no doubt because of switch’s success we’ll def see another Zelda and Mario game before the next gen Nintendo console!

  2. I’m glad that third parties are filling the void with some choice JRPGs this year, or there would be little of interest to me besides Smash this year. BotW and MO were two of the best efforts Nintendo has ever put in, and I was hoping to see more of a focus on those types of titles. This E3 gave us none of that.

    1. I love Smash but i too think the conference was too smash focused. Would have been nice to see some announced games like Bayo3 and Metroid Prime 4 but i guess they wanted to highlight the multiplayer aspect of the switch,

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