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Splatoon 2’s Producer Discussed Nintendo Switch Online & The Possibility Of Paid Premium Multiplayer Content

Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami recently spoke to Polygon about the game’s future, including any influence that the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service may have on Splatoon 2. Nogami isn’t worried, saying that “we don’t think it will have no influence. We imagine it will have some sort of influence or effect by the addition of Nintendo Switch Online. [But] we want to use Nintendo Switch Online’s addition as a way to redouble our commitment to the community and reaffirm for them that we’re going to support this game more and more”.

Nogami also talked about the possibility of Splatoon 2 receiving paid premium multiplayer content. Nogami says that “it’s not to say that there’s no possibility that we’ll ever consider releasing some paid premium multiplayer content. The main thing we want to maintain is this even playing field for players”. According to Polygon, Nogami also said that “the team has no current plans for more single-player, premium releases”.




  1. How about paid victory taunts?
    (I don’t want players taunting during mid game)

    I don’t think there’s anything else they could do. Weapons would have to look extra special, as there’s so many weapons no one would really care.


    1. I want something along the lines of tf2s premium cosmetic system, where you can get unique particle effects on cosmetics from loot crates, but all the cosmetics are available otherwise. And seeing as you can already buy hats, nintendo could just put the effects on existing cosmetics. If you are unsure what I mean by particle effects google tf2 unusual effects. And perhaps add some new victory animations akin to overwatch, and perhaps have unusual variants on those as well. But I’m just defending loot boxes in 2018, so feel free to rip my head off and place it on a stick.


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