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Bill Trinen Says That Yoshi Switch Has “Actually Been Making Really Good Progress”

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen took part in an interview with IGN at E3 2018. There, he talked more about the upcoming Yoshi title on the Switch. According to Trinen, the game has “actually been making really good progress. They decided they wanted to make some improvements, so they’re going to take just a little bit more time on it and that’s why we’re not showing it this year at the show. But I think you can look forward to some updates on it later in 2018.”



  1. I love Yoshi but I’m not a fan of the Woolly style and I’ve never been a big fan of the paperwork artdirection either. I would have liked to see a Yoshi game in the traditional Island watercolour look. Might even skip this one to be honest.

    1. I honestly think the whooly style is what sold me to the game. And as soon as i tried it, i really enjoyed every part of it. You know it is a nice challenging platformer game when nintendo re-releases the a dumbed down version of the game (3DS version has it on easy mode where Yoshi can fly like the addition of Funky in Trpocal Freeze).

    1. Pretty much we got half and half in last September which was the last direct they showed off Kirby and other games that were shown off the next year

  2. It looked pretty rough to me at last year’s E3. I’m not surprised at all to have not seen it this year so far. Delays are fine as long as it ends up good. Hopefully next time they show it, it’ll look more interesting haha.

    1. I agree delays are fine as long as they do not take over 3 years from day of showcase to the release date (God of War, Kingdom hearts etc)

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