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GungHo Teams Up With Level-5 To Create Yokai Watch World For Mobile

Bloomberg is reporting today that GungHo stock has soared after announcing that it is making Yokai Watch World for mobile platforms. Investors think this could be the next Pokemon GO and could obtain a rabid fan-base if it’s up to scratch. The company’s stock rose 7.6 percent to close at 299 yen in Tokyo which is the biggest jump since December 2017.

“Yokai Watch World uses Google Maps to create 3-D game environments based on real-world locations. The game is available in Japan on Android and iOS phones starting Wednesday.”

“We are putting that location-based experience from Puzzle & Dragons Radar to work here,” President Kazuki Morishita said in a briefing in Tokyo. “And we have the combination of Google’s advanced 3-D maps, a first time for something like that, and the appeal of Yokai Watch.”


3 thoughts on “GungHo Teams Up With Level-5 To Create Yokai Watch World For Mobile”

  1. The puzzle and dragon radar sounds good if they have everything the original game has to offer except story it’ll already beaten go because go literally has nothing else to offer but to catch Pokemon and try to even find gym

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