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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Has Been Datamined And Contains Full Difficulty Customisation Feature

The ingenious datamining community has once again set its sights on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch and have discovered that the next patch will feature a fully customisable experience. You’ll be able to change enemy HP to more in-depth things. The big change is the immensely challenging “Bringer of Chaos” difficulty mode and you can change the settings on this to your heart’s desire.


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28 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Has Been Datamined And Contains Full Difficulty Customisation Feature”

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    1. This, I don’t know why they are posting shit about that shitty community full of thieves, they even started to play Wolfenstein II already by pirating because of early release 2 days ago, piss me off so fucking much, people without fucking morals.

      1. Geeze, could you guys relax? Plenty of us want to know this information. Dataminers have absolutely no direct connection to thieves, lmfao. Just because they can pick apart code and search for stuff within the programming doesn’t mean that they just pirate the games they’re interested in. And besides, this information is really nice to people like me who wonder more about upcoming features to the game

  2. Why are you posting hackers crap on this webpage? you promoting those fucking thieves that will most likely spoil the fun of the new Smash characters coming after the release of the game, I am going to stop coming here if you guys keep coming with that shitty community full of thieves.

    1. calm down dude, sheesh. How do u know all dataminers are thieves? They culd hav bought the game and just decided to look in the games code.
      and who cares if u leave, why threaten of leaving is gonna do anything? If u dont like it then keep ur mouth shut and go.

  3. }{ These people aren’t thieves… Dataminers are merely people who want to find out everything about the product given to them… Pirates are despicable, but I find it likely that the peasants here who dislike data miners are either spoilerphobes, or just upset to learn someone substantially smarter than them exists… }{

    1. That why the Octa Expansion in Splatoon 2 got Datamined hard and release to the public for hackers to use on multiplayer matches? is funny how hackers spin it to *We just want to check the game out* when it clearly is *We just want to spoil the fun to others and also steal*

  4. You people can’t decide what these people post, its not your website, news is news. These people are journalists, let them post what they want.

  5. This needs to be a patch for Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS, too. That game is in desperate need of customization since NG+ sucks as you’re always overleveled for most of the game. :/

            1. I might have to put a Switch on hold, sadly, & get a new computer instead. I had to reset my HP laptop twice because some stuff wouldn’t work & some stuff had to be copied from somewhere else to replace it and now my damn sound isn’t working. *checks something* Scratch that. I think I got it working now. Least now ASUS has some company on my shitlist of computer brands NOT to buy. … Ugh! Sound acting up just when I’m about to post this. FUUUUUUUCK!!!

              1. I’ve been builidng and testing over houndres of PC the last decade, and Asus leads like immeasurably over all other brands in my opinion. And yeah, HP is the absolute worst… like… immeasurably(lol) worse than all other brands. Too bad you’re having problem with your laptop. And too bad you have to wait with Switch :(

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