Jim Carrey Is Negotiating To Play Eggman In The Sonic Movie

For the past month, we have been getting more information about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog live-action/CGI movie. Most of the headlines have involved new cast members, and this one may be continuing that trend. That is because Deadline is reporting that Jim Carrey is in negotiations to play Dr. Eggman in the movie. A Hollywood Reporter writer gave out additional info, saying that Jim Carrey will be “a live-action person in the movie”.

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  1. On one hand that sounds hilarious… but on the other hand; WHY!?

    I love Jim Carrey but casting him for a Sonic project just doesn’t fit.

  2. Oh please I definitely don’t wanna watch the movie Jim Carey is a great guy and all but this movie sounds like a disaster waiting to happen I’m getting super Mario movie vibes already

  3. It could actually work. To be honest I haven’t seen really bad movie with Jim Carrey. Live-Action humans gives me Sonic Adventure vibe. I just hope that Sonic and his friends are animated.

  4. Carrey has my respect. He’s a smart, intelligent, self-reflected critical and compassionate thinker…well that diesnt really qualify him for the Eggman job….but he’s an outstanding comedian too :)

    That said, I really, highly recommend reading some of his more recent interviews and his philosophical opinion pieces. The man gets it.

    1. “Carrey has my respect. He’s a smart, intelligent, self-reflected critical and compassionate thinker”

      You don’t follow his twitter feed much do you?

  5. Midnight’s Edge After Dark covered this news. Sadly, I agree with them that this is gonna be one of those terrible 80s movie ideas where the character is brought to our world. Just like The Smurfs movies did… :/

  6. . . .okay so wait is Carrey going to wear a fat suit or are they going to try and make a skinny Eggman cause if they make a skinny Eggman then this is totally doomed I mean Jim Carrey is Animated enough to pull off Eggman and it would be hilarious to see him with the Eggman-stache in all its animated glory but I don’t think anyone wants to see a skinny Eggman although I can immediately see him having a wardrobe scene where they show every single Eggman Outfit ever made and then he pulls out ’06 eggman outfit asks himself why that is still there he thought he burned it.

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