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Nintendo Has Released A Statement About Switch Hackers “Displaying Inappropriate Or Unauthorized Material In Certain Online Games”

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By now, you have probably heard about hackers and modders modifying their Switch consoles to display things such as pornography in their profile icons. This has resulted in the pictures appearing in games that show them, such as Super Mario Odyssey. Well, a Nintendo representative has released a statement to The Verge. The company is taking action against these users and banning them:

“A very small number of consumers have been using modified Nintendo Switch systems to display inappropriate or unauthorized material in certain online games. Nintendo always strives to provide a positive experience for all consumers and this includes continuously monitoring all threats to its products’ security and taking swift and strong action to prevent them. Modified Nintendo Switch systems have been banned.”


34 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Released A Statement About Switch Hackers “Displaying Inappropriate Or Unauthorized Material In Certain Online Games””

    1. I don’t think all hackers should be banned, just the ones that abuse their powers. To me, the types that only hack so they can rip the assets are fine as they don’t cause any problems to the players nor Nintendo. To me, the ones that should be banned are the ones that display pornography and give themselves abilities that are impossible normally.

  1. Funnily enough, it’s Nintendo’s fault the images were able to appear in the game at all. They should have used indexed images where different numbers correspond to different profile icons like Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Inkling, etc, but instead they load whatever image you have as the profile icon directly into the game and transmit it to everyone.

      1. It would be a local only change because everyone else would only see image number 16 and not your custom image 16

      2. It seems like you don’t understand me, Reaver. When indexed (numbered) images will be used, images will be saved on the server. When game wants your avatar, it now downloads it from your Switch, but if they were indexed, it would just ask for number of your avatar and then download it from N’s server. Therefore, there would be no possibility of changing images (globally, not locally) without hacking into N’s servers.

        1. But why people who have those hackers as friends can see their modified profile pictures? I think the pictures are saved somewhere on the Switch. If the profile pictures were on the server then Nintendo could just find who has the profile picture different and ban them but the case seems strange that the server doesn’t show the default picture or an ? picture

      3. All pictures are currently saved in the Switch, however we were discussing possible way how to avoid this issue: save all pre-set images on the server and when user sets their image, then just send the number that the image has on the server. Therefore, no images would be transferred between the Switches themselves. In case of Miis, they’d be all saved on the server and the Switch would just send the number indicating “Mii” and then the server’d find Mii character for the account that the sender has. No image exchange between Switches.

    1. >Hacker Illgaly hacks its device and goes through the trouble of purposely placing porn on a children game
      >Is Nintendo fault guys

      uh this logic

  2. I can’t imagine a bigger rockstar than someone who changes their Switch ID avatar to something lewd and sexy. Way to go, kiddos. The future is surely yours.

    1. Not really.
      Swapnote was a Pedo luring kids with direct/personal messages and pictures.

      This shenanigans seems to just be trolls displaying stuff for the lulz and attention.

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