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Crash Bandicoot On Nintendo Switch Docked Mode Is 720p And Handheld Is Roughly 480p

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is finally on the Nintendo Switch and all signs point to a very good port from Toys for Bob and Activision. With the game being readily available now the performance has been broken down. The super-fun title’s resolution is 720p when it docked mode and when played in handheld it is 480p. The game runs at a reasonably steady 30fps at most times.

  • Nintendo Switch: 720p docked and 480p handheld, 30fps majority of the time
  • Xbox One X: 3840×2160 solid 30fps – full 4K
  • PlayStation 4 Pro: 2560×1440 solid 30fps

“Some differences between the Switch version and the other consoles versions are that it has removed fur effects, removed reflections, uses some lower quality textures, has reduced effects during some explosions and has a shorter draw distance. Reflections seem to render at the same resolution on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X.”


38 thoughts on “Crash Bandicoot On Nintendo Switch Docked Mode Is 720p And Handheld Is Roughly 480p”

    1. Apart from a Gaming PC…. seeing how you can basically play your “Xbox Exclusives” on Windows 10 now

      1. A GTX 1080 Ti can barely do 60fps on a 4K game even now. Possible, but it’s not gonna be ultra quality and everything maxed out, even for this game.

    2. People say Pc, but “pc” means nothing stable as each and every month there are more powerful cpus and gpus… to be fair we should compare a 500$ PC to the oneX and there you have all the value of the machine.

      1. Consoles are often a good price for power at launch (because they’re often sold at loss), but that doesn’t usually last long. My $1k PC built in August 2013 (just when the Xbox One launched for $500 msrp) is a $250 upgrade away from crushing the OneX. I’d have to have sold my Xbox One (trending around $170 – fees on ebay) and end up paying about $350 to upgrade to the OneX. 5 years of Xbox Live = $300 more that I didn’t have to pay. So in five years with a cheaper upgrade to 4k and no online fees, I’ve saved $400. Total overall: $1k PC + $250 upgrade = $1250 for a PC that has been consistently more powerful than the best console for 5 years. Xbox One = $500 + 350 upgrade = $850. When you factor in the money saved shopping in an open market (Steam sales, Humble Bundle, GoG, Green Man Gaming, etc), the value of cheap Steam links connecting my one PC to game on every TV and monitor in the house, and the ability to easily play Mouse/Keyboard games if I want to play RTS, MMOs, etc… the cost difference over 5 years really fades away to nothing. It hosts my personal media server. It could (strictly theoretically) host an emulator frontend to easily navigate thousands of retro games all with video preview up to the PS2/Wii in HD.

        Yes, a console is easier and sometimes cheaper up front, but the PC ends up being the better deal in the long run.

      2. Bah, can’t maths. Total PC with upgrade was $1250 and total Xbox with upgrade was $500 + 350 + 300 from Live = $1150. $100 difference for five years of cheaper games and always being more powerful than the current console.

      3. meanwhile, I have my SurfaceBook hooked up to my Xbox One, and enjoy playing games at home on my console, and then taking them to go on my laptop with Game Anywhere. Damn PSfanboys keep insisting Xbox exclusives are worthless cause they are on PC as well, when I and I think many other xbox fans see that as only a positive, and the cross connection between them is even more so.

    3. Still can’t play Halos or Sunset Overdrive in Windows 10… and a 4K PC is WAY more expensive than a Xbox X

      1. Sunset Overdrive is already in the works for PC and it’s been confirmed that Halo Infinite is coming to PC…. Sorry to break it to you

  1. I buy and play this game. I play this game on handheld mode and for me personaly look better like mine ps4 version of this game. In small Switch screen game look beatifull and play very good. Mine review 9/10 (i think original psx version from naughty dog is still better 10/10).

  2. i see some videos, portable looks great, but i think they should 540p in portable mode and 720p in dock, like doom, but whatever its a good port and i’m waiting for spyro

    1. Thats how it works out mathematically but its possible they when 480 because ot smoothes out the frame rate. That same thread says it plays better in handheld mode so that would make sense.

  3. Must be some pretty shitty engine, if a linear 3D platformer can’t even reach full 4K on the PS4 Pro. 😐

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  5. That’s what I thought, the game is very blurry when running on handheld mode. 480p is way too low for the 720p screen.

  6. If we as gamers always argue about how a game looks and runs than how it’s played and whether or not we had enjoyed it, then we are not gamers.

  7. If we as gamers always argue about how a game looks and runs than how it’s played and whether or not we had enjoyed it, then we are not gamers.

  8. It’s HILARIOUS to me how they didn’t even TRY to get this game to run yet when they do, they just lower graphical setting because all of the idiots online say they don’t matter. This game could EASILY run at 1080p WITH fur, WITH reflections, WITH the textures… I HATE when companies release crap ports because there is a shit ton of ****** spewing the propaganda that is in their favor. If they can optimize it they should. STOP RELEASING GARBAGE PORTS ON THE SWITCH! Oh and you people saying it doesn’t matter are the driving reason they don’t port and or port shitty looking games to the Switch.

    “Oh Nintendo Switch? Just lower the resolution and graphics to get it to work, Nintendo players don’t care!”.

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  11. I think that’s what they thought when they made that port on switch, you just have to read comments on twitter, there are people that say they can barely see it’s not 720p and it’s sharp to them. Despite it’s blurry (at least handheld, I didn’t try on a TV yet) the game is still great on switch but yes it’s a lazy port… But as long as fanboys are okay with it, why companies should stop?

    1. People shouldn’t be so accepting for things that aren’t the best they can be. Why support a company if they are going to release sub par crap. i would rather see 1080p and all the goodies and play in720p on handheld.

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