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More Smash Bros Amiibo Figures Are Coming For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo has confirmed on their official website that there are plans to release more Super Smash Bros amiibo in time for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch this December. The veteran fighters such as Pichu, Ice Climbers, and the other characters that Nintendo hasn’t inclucded as an amiibo will come. The company tells fans to “stay tuned.” These are the characters which currently do not have an amiibo:

  • Ice Climbers
  • Pichu
  • Young Link
  • Snake
  • Pokemon Trainer – Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard
  • Wolf

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      (… reference to the name of a Metal Gear Solid game to those who don’t understand)

  1. And the question is also which Amiibo could possibly get Player 1/Player 2 versions. Like will there be an Inkling Boy for Inkling Girl, Pkmn Trainer Red and Pkmn Trainer Green(or Blue), Or Ike in his younger form? And then there’s characters with hard redesigns like Botw Link and Sheik, ALBW Zelda, and OoT Ganondorf.

    1. Its hard to say. We got a famicom rob in the states somehow, but no ralph. I hope they do though

    1. At least make them GameStop exclusives as they honor the MSRP unlike Amazon with amiibos, mainly the sellers.

      1. “At least make them GameStop exclusives as they honor the MSRP unlike Amazon with amiibos, mainly the sellers.”

        This is a really outstandingly silly statement. For one, “honor” the msrp? As though the msrp is some kind of promise? Nobody owes you anything for msrp. When something is sold at a sale price, do you complain about it being below msrp, or do these imagined rules of msrp only apply when they benefit you, not the seller?

        Second, Amazon *does* honor the msrp, usually selling below it anyway. What you’re thinking of is private individuals selling on Amazon. How on earth could Amazon or Nintendo or anyone else force normal people like you or me to sell their private property at a given price? Do you consult the original manufacturer when listing something on craigslist?

    2. I’m kind of surprised someone calling themselves “the collector” has a problem with this. If they’re all readily available at any store for normal price, they aren’t very collectible.

      1. These definitely won’t be readily available at the store.

        You either get pre-order them when they’re available or you get them off of eBay for double or triple the retail price.

      2. @ cronotose,
        I don’t collect just for the sake of value and rarity. Heck, I don’t even care about buying special game bundles that come with figures etc., because they’re too darn expensive. I just collect things I love. I’m just so sick of going through HELL just to get an amiibo. And when they’re Amazon exclusive, I usually miss out because they sell out before I even find out about them. Then I end up having to import them from Japan. Even when they’re Gamestop, Target or Best Buy exclusives, I get sick of having to go down to the store the second they open just to make sure I get one. I’m just sick and tired of the rat race.

    1. Only if they include all four characters. They could show just the trainer with a Pokeball.

  2. I vowed to get every Zelda, FE, Metroid, Splatoon and Star Fox amiibo, now there are two more I have to get on top of the Skyward Sword amiibo Wolf and Ridley) that’s impossible to find at a reasonable price. DAMN YOU NINTENDO for shorting the Link Skyward Sword amiibo without selling it anywhere else other than Amazon you bastards!

  3. Welp, better preorder fourteen amiibo: Daisy, Ridley, Inkling, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Pokemon Trainer, Ivysaur, Squirtle, Pichu, Young Link, Snake, Octoling 3-pack.

    Why not, I have every other Smash Bros. and Splatoon amiibo.

      1. SNES Classic preorders in my area, when I called: “The preorders aren’t open yet.”
        SNES Classic preorders in my area, when I came in: “We sold out of preorders.”

        Please don’t be a repeat of that.

        PS: Charizard already has an amiibo, it’s the other three that don’t.

  4. People saying “Please don’t be Amazon exclusives!” and I’m sitting here thinking “Please don’t be store exclusive AT ALL!!”

    All I really need of amiibo though is Ridley, the Ice Climbers, Young Link, Wolf, Daisy, BotW Link, ALBW Zelda, & OoT Ganondorf! I ordered WW Link, WW Zelda, & MM Link (a fire ate my old one back in January ’18) earlier today at Amazon.

    And if they intend to bring any old Smash amiibo back, GIVE ME FUCKING META KNIGHT BECAUSE THE KIRBY EDITION OF META KNIGHT SUCKS ASS!!!

    *cough* Ahem! That is all…

  5. I love Red, but I’d like to see Leaf recieve an Amiibo as well. If Corrin can get a second variant hopefully Pokémon Trainer can.

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