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Albacore Hotel And Four New Weapons Now Added To Splatoon 2

Those of you who have been playing Splatoon 2 today will have noticed that four new weapons have been added to the game as well as a brand new stage. That stage is Albacore Hotel and you can take a look at it in the screenshots below. Splatoon 2 is out now on the Nintendo Switch.



11 thoughts on “Albacore Hotel And Four New Weapons Now Added To Splatoon 2”

  1. Tried it out last night and was pretty fun. There was a guy using a bucket weapon that had crazy long range. He made it hard to cross into their territory whenever he was around due to that water splitting the stage in the middle. I hardly use slosher weapons but was left wondering, are all slosher weapons this good with range ?

    1. They all have the nearly the same range except the tri-slosher and they are pretty good at holding a choke point like that, especially if there’s some vertical spaces. Their damage doesn’t drop off with range unless they’re shooting below and they can two shot. So yeah, that means they’re pretty terrifying if you’re in their range. There IS plenty that can outrange them like splatlings, squelchers, splattershot pro, blaster pros, etc. but if you can’t reach them, you’re going to have to flush them out with grenades/ultimates and get in their face. Sounds like this is a map that’s going to favor longer range.

      There is a new kind of bucket with this patch, so maybe that was it.

      1. Yeah the stage is split in the middle and some of the bridges are a surface you’ll fall through if you turn into a squid (so can’t be inked) so you pretty much walk across. I used Aerospray MG so I could barely ink the other side. There are spots you can jump across though but usually you got across and ambushed as soon as I made it across. Meanwhile the guy using the slosher had no problem dropping ink over my head which left me scrambling most of the time 😅. It was very fun regardless and was pretty satisfying when we broke through as a team.

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