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Splatoon 2 Is Celebrating Its First Anniversary With A Global Splatfest

Splatoon 2 is celebrating its first anniversary on July 20th, so the official Nintendo Versus account has announced that a global Splatfest will be taking place, and it will be starting on the same day. This time, the theme is Squid Vs. Octopus. During the Splatfest, if you are on Team Squid, you will play as an Inkling. Team Octopus players will play as Octolings, “even if you don’t have the Octo Expansion”. Here’s what Nintendo Versus tweeted:

24 thoughts on “Splatoon 2 Is Celebrating Its First Anniversary With A Global Splatfest”

      1. uh, no. thats not how it works, sure people are hated for skin color but thats not what racism is. race is your race. technically species.

  1. I’m so jealous. I just started a 10 week break from video games and can’t participate in this. 😂 Rooting for team Octo!

      1. Well, last year, it came to my attention that I was getting super obsessed. So I just dropped them to focus on more important things.

        Basically, it’s to help curb my obsession with gaming and to help me focus on the more important things in life (my Christian faith, my family, my friends, school work, etc.) I came out of my break a better person overall.

        My break was exactly 10 weeks, and I decided to make it an annual thing. 😊

  2. I think we all know octolings will win in popularity by a land slide, but inklings will end victorious somehow.

  3. Oh, this is just not fair… everyone knows that at least 70% of players will vote for Octolings, especially because they want to play as Octolings… I hope we will win in both wins like usually

    1. If you look at it from a racial standpoint your dumb since inklings and octolings can be both be black and white that would make no sense to call it black vs white if there ar going to be black white and mix on octos and squids

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