Here’s Photos Of The Awesome New Nintendo 2DS Designs Including Minecraft

We found out earlier this week that Nintendo is planning to introduce a new range of New Nintendo 2DS XL designs. So far there have only been a couple of promotional shots from the Kyoto-based company, but today we’ve been given a better look at the funky new designs for Nintendo’s latest handheld revision.



  1. Meh don’t like the 3ds I got the only one that counts for me, my Samus edition … Never play it

      1. Dude not even that, I play that on cube how it’s meant to be played, holding out hope 1&2 come to Switch like they should and hopefully 3 :p

  2. Can we talk about how the “Mario Kart special edition” is just the regular style of new 2DS but with red and black??

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