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Video: Warframe Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

Panic Button’s next Nintendo Switch project has been revealed at TennoCon 2018. A brand new trailer has been released that reveals a Switch version of Warframe, the “hit cooperative, sci-fi action game”. The official Warframe YouTube channel has uploaded the trailer, so we’ve included it for you down below. If you want to, feel free to check it out.


36 thoughts on “Video: Warframe Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer”

  1. YAY! Another shooter that I can play at a variable resolution and inconsistent frame-rate! Hyped! At least I can take it on the go,

    1. Don’t forget about the hyper extreme grind if you don’t pay up.
      I’m not bashing the game, and there are other games with a lot of grind, like Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star. But Warframe is the most grindy game I’ve ever encountered.

      1. You can make almost any game run on the switch. That doesn’t mean its gonna be the same experience as on anything else. Show me how well this game looks on a 4400 friend :) Lets see if your quality holds up :)

    2. You have a long ways to go before you reach the novice level of trolling…….damn at least put some effort into it, my kids who are still in elementary school can do a better job than you lol

    3. I’m glad developers/publishers don’t have the same mindset as you. If they did I’d have missed out on the chance to play the likes of Doom, Crash and Ys VIII because they’re not 4k 60fps.

    1. Nintendo is such a personal thing for so many people that even when it’s moved in a direction they don’t like, it’s hard for them to stop caring. So they complain because they want to love Nintendo still. I don’t agree with them at all about the Switch, but I at least understand where most of them are coming from. I hated the Wii U hardware and it made me sad… I didn’t complain on comment sections, but I get it.

      At the end of the day, Nintendo’s branding of the Switch as a home console first will always cause it problems. Instead of being the most powerful handheld ever (mind blowing for someone who grew up on a Game Boy), it will always be branded as a weak home console for anyone that doesn’t value the portability.

      1. I would have not cared for it if marketed as handheld because I just wanted a good home console. So they did it right because it was obvious as a handheld, still they have reassured the home console players that was powerful enough and good when attached to a TV. As a handheld there are no alternatives, everyone would flock there, but as a home console there is a lot of competion and they needed to show it was a cool home gaming system.

      2. There is a stark difference between criticizing Nintendo and being an ignorant hating lowlife who literally dedicates a part of their life to posting hate comments.

    1. It’s healthier to spend your time on things that make you happy with people who enjoy similar things.

      1. By that logic, no one should ever have to be criticized ever right? Just ignore everything. Nindy cant do any wrong as long as you ignore the problems lol

        1. Nah, criticism is an important thing. But you can’t say that there aren’t a vast number of people in this world that spend their time dwelling in a negative place, arguing and being cynical on the internet.

          Coming day in and day out to a Nintendo fan/news site to complain about Nintendo just to get a rise out of fans? That’s not worth anyones time.

        2. Ultimately, this is a fan site. It’s not a place where Nintendo will receive your feedback. There is little to no value in criticism here. If you want to effect change, do so through appropriate channels. Arguing the same, tired one to two sentence arguments just for funsies? I don’t get it.

      2. These ignorant trolls like Damian and Pat don’t have a life nor do I think they will ever get one. These are probably the same naysayers that were saying….” when will Nintendo get some big AAA 3rd party games??? ” then when it happens they’re are either saying….” Ahhh great, more old ports ” or ” Oh the game will run at a shitty resolution and run at a unstable frame rate ” or even this one ” it won’t sell as good as the other versions “……smh. It’s like nothing Nintendo does is good enough for them. Now that’s not to say that Nintendo nor the Switch doesn’t have problems but damn when there is good news for Nintendo and you still highlight their negatives……..woooowww then your life is truly sad

    2. This is not a forum for criticism and if you think anyone with any power to change things is coming here to read what you write you are deluded. It’s a much more worthwhile pursuit to come here in the spirit of enjoyment and share your fun experiences with Nintendo games than to come here criticising or picking fights. I get so sick of reading that kind of stuff. Oh for a fan site that is just for fans enjoying things with no negatively.

  2. I’m good with Fortnite as my free to play multiplayer shooter. While this is big news I guess I was expecting something else for Panic Button’s big game.

    Also, why not announce this at E3 Nintendo?

  3. There’s lots of online FPS coming to Switch, but if you’re looking for an oldschool singleplayer FPS experience, check out Immortal Redneck. I picked it up on the eshop sale yesterday and it’s been a blast. It’s going to be one that I pick up and do a couple runs on for a long time. It’s a roguelike, which isn’t for everyone, but I think I’ll get way more use out of it than Doom for my old school FPS itch. Also, gyro controls.

  4. This is a fan site. You can come here to criticize & you can come here to not criticize. It’s okay to feel happy or mad with whatever Nintendo does (or anything else for that matter.) These places are meant for you to comment however you feel about something and maybe even debate if you want. Coming here to trash people for their opinion is just asinine, though. Unless someone is coming at you & attacking you personally, don’t be a dick & shit over someone else’s opinion. Just because you disagree doesn’t make them wrong and you right. Or vice versa, for that matter.

  5. Nintendo First Order General Alex213

    Switch need some good doom games but why still online multiplayer? I like some good old singleplayer doom games. Metroid prime trilogy, why not? Old quake 2, first three psx medal of honor, first call of duty trilogy. Some old time multiplatform singleplayer doom games..
    Turok, red faction, halflife Orange box, portal2, hexen, heretic, unreal, timesplitters, bioshock1 2, good old Duke nukem 3D ;)
    Why not?

    1. Check out Dusk. It gets a lot of love on Steam reviews and it was announced for Switch during E3. And if you don’t mind roguelikes and dying a lot, I’m enjoying the heck out of Immortal Redneck.

    2. Look, not to rain on your parade, but as a Warframe PC player, who does not like online multiplayer FPS, I can tell you now that you can play it, in it’s entirety…..In Single Player. Online Clans/Friends are an option, not a requirement. Story is awesome, and they keep adding more to it. I would say you can get a good 30-40 hrs outta the main story alone, and should you decide you wanna bring a friend or more along, you can also play through that same story and then some co-op. And if PvP is your thing, well they have that too. I’ve never once done either the Clan/Friend thing nor PvP, and have enjoyed the game, albeit grindy, solely by myself. And another thing I see a lot is that it is a mainly FPS, which is incorrect. It’s a Third person, half shooter, half warriors style hack and slash. Hell, most of the time I use a katana or nunchucks to reek havoc on my enemies, because of the bad *ss cinematic-like kills and damage they do vs. the guns that are available. Just wanted to get those two things corrected for those who either have not played the game, or those who have misunderstood the actual gameplay mechanics of it.

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