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The Witness Developer Confirms The Game Could Eventually Come To Nintendo Switch

In a recent interview, Johnathan Blow reiterated that he and his team aren’t currently working on a Nintendo Switch version of The Witness. The lead game designer did, however, tease that a port of the acclaimed puzzle title could eventually make its way to Nintendo’s latest console. You can check out his full comments in response to a question about the topic below:

Now that The Witness is available on phones, which is incredible, what are the chances of seeing it on the Switch?

Jonathan Blow: I wouldn’t say never, but we worked on that game for a long time. We could have done more ports, but I felt like it was a good idea to give the team a break and work on some new things. We’re working on new projects now. We’re not really working on ports of The Witness, but that could change. Something could happen. We could outsource it and quality control in-house. But we’re not currently doing anything.


7 thoughts on “The Witness Developer Confirms The Game Could Eventually Come To Nintendo Switch”

    1. If only it was easier to port games to the Switch instead of having to hire other company’s for every game that needs to be Ported. The Switch would actually have some real third party on par with other platforms.

      1. You are really quite sad to keep coming here just to post pointlessly annoying things and be negative but we keep reacting so I guess we’re slightly to blame. Probably should just start ignoring you as I’d imagine that would kill you.

      2. Whats really sad is that your not allowed to be critical about Nintendo on this website , even when you own every console they ever released besides the WII U and Switch. You people are so far up your ass that you can’t say anything negative about Nintendo.

      3. You can be critical here of Nintendo, and actually the ports of various games have mostly turned out well even if done by other teams. The Switch is a big success, and remember developers only had final hardware in December of 2016. Most of the triple A 3rd party games that have come out in the past year were in development a long time before that.

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