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Warframe Does Not Offer Cross-Platform Accounts Or Multiplayer On Nintendo Switch Or Any Other Platform

Digital Extremes recently announced a Nintendo Switch version of Warframe, which is being handled by Panic Button. If you’re planning to play the free-to-play game on Nintendo’s latest console, you may want to hold off on starting an account for the time being. In addition to not offering cross-platform play, Warframe does not allow accounts to move between platforms. The developer eventually wants to implement cross-platform functionality, but the feature isn’t currently supported.

“Our goal is cross-platform play,” explains Warframe Creative Director Steve Sinclair. “Our goal is updating the PS4 version in sync with the PC version with all the same content, features and events. For those things to happen–for the eco-system to be shared–we cannot diverge.”

Digital Extremes Studio Manager Sheldon Carter adds: “Cross-play requires all platforms to be updated simultaneously, which is not what our development schedule allows for at the moment. Given the extra balancing passes needed to make this functionality fair for all platforms and the delay in releasing content that would be necessary for simultaneous updates, I unfortunately don’t see Warframe cross-play existing in the foreseeable future.”


24 thoughts on “Warframe Does Not Offer Cross-Platform Accounts Or Multiplayer On Nintendo Switch Or Any Other Platform”

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  2. What do they mean ” or muliplayer ” isn’t this supposed to be a 4 player co-op game? I’m confused.

    1. Yea and do you blame apple for smaller phone companies for going out of business? It’s a business and if they have the upper hand they could do whatever they want. I don’t see you calling Nintendo for being retarded for releasing Zelda and all other games on the ps4 and Xbox one, because Zelda and all those other games would be a lot better with significantly better graphics and performance.

    2. Not really a case of Sony not allowing.Both PC and Console versions operate on different release schedules due to the DE’s small size. Last week (July 5th) console versions got the latest mainline update called sacrifice, which PC had since June 14th. PC also gets content and hotfixes more frequently (usually weekly) than console. Its hard to make a one account system or crossplay in an environment like this

  3. I read on old forums that they did limited-time once-per-account transfers between pc and console in the past. It duplicated the account once, one way, and they became separate accounts after that, so progress (and purchases) on one would not apply to the other after the transfer/duplication.

    It would be nice if they could offer that again. I’ve not played on my underpowered laptop (which barely runs the game at low settings) in Months, and I would not mind permanently moving it to my Switch and keeping it there. I play with a gamepad anyway.

  4. I wanted to get into Warframe. Going to squad up with some friends and tackle this game! Can’t wait.

  5. This was the big surprise from Panic button… well, might finally give this game a go then, never tried it on PC

    1. Sony has nothing to do with it this time. The developers just struggle to keep the PC and Console versions on the same update and content level, which complicates cross-platform accounts.
      (example, if you unlock/purchase an item in the pc version that does not exist yet on consoles, what happens if you log in to your console version and you or a friend has it equipped? Same with damage/movement balancing updates, etc)

      They said Cross-Platform is their “Goal”. However, that can not happen until they are able to grow their staff and streamline development enough to keep ALL versions updated simultaniously on the same version on the same day and hour. They WANT to get there. They just can’t do it yet. They are a smaller studio.

      It is, and has been, the same between XB PS and PC for Years now. Sony is not involved in this feature being unavailable ‘this time’.

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  7. So they only want to do cross-play if they can update all versions of the game on the same day. That makes perfect sense, actually. Don’t want people on one system getting the upper hand on another system because one has access to a glitch that the other system had fixed.

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