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Reggie Explains What Measures Nintendo Takes When It Comes Down To Crunch Time

Waypoint has published an interview with a number of key executives to find out what steps they make when it comes down to deadlines. One of the people the site interviewed is Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime. Reggie says that he can only speak for the North American employees but says that they employee more staff through various contracts. You can read more thoughts from prominent execs, here.

How is Nintendo committed—and what are you doing now to—to ensure that there is good work-life balance and fair conditions across first party title development, your executive level, your support roles—the stuff happening at Nintendo and hopefully even at close partners? How are you combating an industry wide relationship to crunch that can often be deeply unhealthy.

Fils-Aimé: So look, I can only answer this question from Nintendo of America perspective and for us, crunch happens differently. It’s not a development crunch, but it could be a bug check crunch. Or it’s a crunch in preparing for an event. Or a crunch in preparing a game to pass our lot check process. Our approach is this: We flex through the use of contract employees. We flex in the way we work with our agency partners. Our mentality is we’re going to flex by adding headcount as appropriate to help us get over a crunch. That’s the way we approach it.


10 thoughts on “Reggie Explains What Measures Nintendo Takes When It Comes Down To Crunch Time”

  1. We all gotta flex our own “things” at our “own” time, right? That’s why its called “happy” time.

    …This really necessary for me to say?

  2. So, how do I get hired during flex time?
    And how many times can one say flex in a paragraph?
    And all of a sudden, I have a craving to play Fluxx.

  3. When I look at the Nintendo careers site there are tons of contract work positions, so that makes sense.

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