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Video: 3 Japanese Nintendo Switch Commercials

Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel is celebrating the summer with the release of three Switch commercials. The first one showcases various Switch titles, including Mario Tennis Aces and the Nintendo Labo. The second commercial is about Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Lastly, the third commercial takes a look at the Nintendo Labo support in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. All commercials are down below.

5 thoughts on “Video: 3 Japanese Nintendo Switch Commercials”

  1. So it’s a childs game and now that they sold Zelda to man-children last year they go all in on the real children next few years, but thanks for the cash guys, oh well at least you have “mature” games like … Skyrim and put same pictures together to open the door like how they reached you in kindergarten.

    1. I’ll humor you!

      You’ve been popping up in the comments a few times and each time you spit the same general bile, ‘for kids this, cardboard that, man-children here, RIP Iwata there’.

      Have you ever stopped and thought for a split second, “hang on, maybe people other than myself, have an opinion on a game?”


      “Hang on, there is actually children in this world (like we were once) that deserve to play some age appropriate quality games”

      If things on this side are not to your liking, then go to another platform. There is plenty of non ‘kid’ games waiting for you with open arms.

      Well, what are you waiting for, cya!


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