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Nintendo Completely Censors Artwork For Taisen Hot Gimmick: Cosplay-Jan On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has always been known for not shying away from censoring content that it deems inappropriate. One of the latest examples of this practice is related to the recently-released Nintendo Switch port of Taisen Hot Gimmick: Cosplay-Jan in Japan. The main girl displayed on original artwork for the game has her dress lifted up to expose her underwear; however, Nintendo’s tweaked rendition emits a more modest vibe. There are other differences as well – you can compare both versions via the screenshots below:


47 thoughts on “Nintendo Completely Censors Artwork For Taisen Hot Gimmick: Cosplay-Jan On Nintendo Switch”

  1. While not surprising, it’s quite amusing because of Metropolis: Lux Obscura on the eShop with its full-on topless nudity, thongs galore and plenty of M-rated swearing (there’s a free demo for it as well). Then again, that game was heavily edited from the much more raunchy PC version, so I guess it’s “censored” as well.

            1. There are some actual nutjobs with a degree in science and thus exist in the science community, so I wouldn’t doubt if the article is real. Most of the science community tend to shoot down these types, though.

      1. Both genders? There’s infinite amount of genders! Such hate speech must be banned from this site immediately! Seriously though, while our civilization discusses made-up problems like men wanting to become women, we are dying out. Soon, we will be minority in our own countries.

        1. Children don’t magically stop being children just because they saw a butt. As far as they are concerned, it’s the thing we all sit on & poop from. Nothing more. Only dirty minded people (like most teenagers and most adults) would see a butt as anything more. Til someone tells them otherwise, it’s just the thing they sit on & poop from.

          The real problem is that there is no parental controls in the eShop itself to block children from seeing a game meant for more mature audiences. This is just another thing Nintendo needs to fix with the eShop & quit leaving it so basic. Censoring the image of an exposed butt is just Nintendo trying to hold off on doing actual work with the eShop itself. Basically it’s Nintendo taking the easier, lazier route.

    1. It’s not that they changed the game, just the presentation of it on the eShop, where everyone can see it

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  2. Why do so many games that feature Mahjong (or show Mahjong tiles) feature half dressed, or sexually suggestive women on the covers (and in the games)? I’ve noticed that on several Famicom games. It’s like they think the game is so boring, they need to add sex appeal for I to sell. Ok, I’m thinking too deep.

  3. Ah, yes the country that is at war with 6 states around the world and is the main exporter of downgrading women in porn as object gonna censor a video game.

    Oh well. My elephant slurf ain’t gonna be upset about some Nintendo shit.

      1. Oh look, the simple people arrived. Yeey …

        Let’s talk about WW2 and totally forget that today we are still at war all over the world.

        Just show you how brainwashed these kids are these days.

        They cry and complain about fake things and aren’t even aware of real things.

        Sad. Oh well nature will do it’s work, I have faith.

      2. Yeah, because Japanese people totally din’t create art before WW2. Eye rolls.
        Pretty insane you justify atom bomb that way, guess you would score high on the Sociopath test.

        1. MNN is actually a UK blog. If you look at the time of your most recent comment, it shows the time is many hours ahead of your time. Meaning sickr, this blog’s owner, is based in the UK.

    1. Bye, c ya back next week. Like always. And if not 2 new will arrive in your place. No worries. Good peeps are still here. Xxx

  4. I cannot find anywhere that Nintendo cencored this and the source you are referring to is just thanking another person for the information without the actual proof of cencorship coming from Nintendo. So, my question is, how the writer of this article, ALBA, confirmed this piece of news?

  5. censored is when the government comes in and changes things, blocks things, removes things. A company can change what it wants to appeal to it’s different markets cause it’s literally their product and their game to sell. I feel like when articles like this use the word censored it’s just for clicks cause this ain’t a big deal and companies been doing this forever. IT extents to changing rice cakes into jelly donuts or cigarettes into lolipops or WHATEVER. It’s something that’s been going on and that they just do for where ever they’re gonna maybe sell the game. Don’t need to make it some free speech issue just to rev up the types who whine about superficial/non gameplay breaking oversea changes.

      1. If you have nothing interesting to say … like always can you please stop with the stupid copy/paste lame responses/memes and stupid pics ?

        Thanks !

        Next time you gonna google a pic, just press X and go read a book or something. Shoo Shoo

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