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The Developers Of Octopath Traveler Have A Special Message For Fans

Octopath Traveler has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch. The game’s developers are celebrating the occasion with a blog post on Nintendo’s official site. There, a few of the devs have a special message for fans, where they talk about the game, thank fans and more. They had a lot to say, so we’ve included what they say in full down below. If you want to, feel free to check it out.

Yasunori Nishiki, Composer

I’m Yasunori Nishiki, the composer for Octopath Traveler. Octopath Traveler is a labor of love developed by a team that grew up in the golden age of RPGs, and was determined to update the classic RPG for the modern age. To that end, my goal was to create a soundtrack with memorable melodies and lavish soundscapes that incorporated live orchestral performances. From the main theme to battle and cutscene music, I strove for clear melodies and powerful yet not overly complex songs that would rise to the level of the evolved HD-2D graphics.

Also central to the game is the concept of a journey. With the various overworld and town themes, I wanted players to be able to feel the many living, breathing locales that they reach in their travels. If you could stop along the way from time to time and take in the sounds of the world along with its nostalgic sights, nothing would make me happier.

Keisuke Miyauchi, Director, ACQUIRE
Octopath Traveler is an RPG centered around the idea of a journey. To make sure that all players could enjoy their own journey, we focused on three points in particular:

  • The first is the glorious visuals rendered in “HD-2D.” We took inspiration from the pixel art of the RPGs we ourselves used to play, updating them with modern technology to create rich and varied landscapes that we believe players will find to be both nostalgic and freshly beautiful.
  • The second is the interactivity, with each character able to interact with the residents of Orsterra through their Path Actions. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know the people, with their sometimes tragic, sometimes heartwarming stories and pasts.
  • The last point we paid special attention to was freedom. From your starting character to the course you chart across the realm, the choices are in your hands. We encourage you to spin a tale of adventure all your own.

Masashi Takahashi, Producer, SQUARE ENIX
At long last, the release date is here! Whether you’ve been following this project from the start, discovered it with the demo versions, or heard of it only recently, we’re truly happy to finally be able to bring you this tale of eight brave souls.

We hope that with Octopath Traveler you’ll enjoy talking to each other about how far along you’ve gotten, how you picked up certain powerful items along the way, and the likeโ€”just like the good old days of classic pixel art RPGs.

Releasing the game simultaneously around the world was a significant challenge for us, but the tremendous reception we’ve received has made all the struggles along the way worth it. Just thinking that fans in all corners of the world will be enjoying Octopath Traveler at the same time truly blows me away. I hope you all enjoy the journey!

Banner illustration by Naoki Ikushima, Character Design, SQUARE ENIX.
Thanks to one and all! Happy travels!


46 thoughts on “The Developers Of Octopath Traveler Have A Special Message For Fans”

  1. Just like Bravely default; many will buy it, not many will finish it.
    Square Enix never made a good game, Squaresoft did.
    Square enix makes nice boxes and art, gameplay not so much.
    The demo was already so boring like bravely default, spam same boring attacks over and over, omg.
    No Thanks, Pokemon is way better in rpg or Xenoblade.
    Sorry but , square makes games for stupid people. Fact.

      1. Nah I’m not mad, unlike you I didn’t buy it :-)

        And thanks for concerning about my emotional state, but I already have a girlfriend.


    1. Dam it might have been a good troll attempt if you didn’t include the last sentence. That last sentence made it blatantly obvious this was a troll attempt so now that you messed it up all I can say is troll harder next time. Stay thirsty my friend ! DOS XX

      1. Everything that challenge your believe and fantasy bubble is trolling.

        Calling me names, still doesn’t disprove my point.
        Notice how you got nothing only insults.

        Simple dude, boring conversation, please never reply to me again. Thanks

      1. My Comment “Sorry but , square makes games for stupid people. Fact.”

        Replies, are all stupid people who can’t counter any of my point with actual prove I’m wrong.
        You kids only have insults because they wanna shut me down like bullies do.

        If they would give you a license to kill, you would kill me for video games.

        In other words you are really the one needing something more than a doctor fast, because
        people like you are a ticking time bomb, one thing goes bad in >Real Reality<

        Crazy people

    2. You are obviously a troll with serious mental issues, but I have to admit I feel the same about the demo, I got tired pretty fast about spamming like a gazillion times the same attacks and got bored to tears with the very cliche stories of the characters.

      But experiences may vary. For me, Squenix makes really good and engrossing gameplay mechanics, but their biggest problem is that they suck at making stories. Some examples of this: The 3rd Birthday, Crisis Core, Bravely Default and the worst offenders Type 0, Kingdom Hearts, FF XV to name some. You get really attached to play these games but their narrative and events will make your eyes roll and your palm hit your face at every opportunity. Japanese writers/developers at Square have this obsession with over dramatic stuff, visual kei style, and XIX century aesthetics and that can be so jarring at times.

      1. ” I have to admit I feel the same about the demo, I got tired pretty fast about spamming like a gazillion times the same attacks ”

        1. It’s a jrpg.

        2. It was the Demo, you’re at the lowest level, with the fewest number of relevant strategic choices you will ever have in the game.

      2. You are an expect in knowing that people have mental issues over one comment about your silly video game ?

        Or is it easy for you to recon mental issues, since you lived with a crazy mother for years ?

        If you start the Conversation with bully tactic insult to be cool and shutting me down, guess what I’m not gonna bother reading your comment, so thanks but no thanks not gonna read all your poop after “But experiences may vary.”

        And I never will. It’s like it never existed.

      1. Square enix makes stupid games for stupid people, fact.

        Notice how you can’t disprove me, you only reply is this boring youtube comment talk like Uhhh durrrr derp opinions bro, Opinions bro.

        If it’s not a fact disprove it.
        Still waiting.

    3. I never use this word on the internet because is really wrong to use it even as a joke, but I highly believe you have autism, so anyone replying to this guy, please go easy on him.

  2. I don’t think Square makes games for stupid people, but I do agree with you in that Octopath Traveler doesn’t have lasting appeal like other RPG’s do (speaking for myself here). Skipped it for that reason. Maybe the sequel to Octopath Traveler will entice me to buy and enjoy it.

      1. I played the demo, read interviews, and viewed gameplay from livestreams. I don’t need to buy a game to know if it’s for me or not.

      2. “I played the demo, read interviews, and viewed gameplay from livestreams. I donโ€™t need to buy a game to know if itโ€™s for me or not.”

        But “it’s not for me” was not the statement I was questioning. I was questioning the claim that it wouldn’t have lasting appeal. By your response, it seems what you actually meant was “it’s just not for me” which is not really the same criticism.

    1. Well HlmAPerson, thank you for the first normal reply.

      Yes, we will see about the next one, they sure will make one since the whole Engine will not be trow away.
      I bet they gonna change the assets, sound and text and call it a new game, next year.

    2. I say the same about Xenoblade 2 since the gameplay looks boring as hell, friend lend me the game and there I find myself enjoying the game 80 hours in.

      In short, just say is not in your taste area, the game has more charm than most games this generation, and the gameplay I even find it more fun that Xenoblade 2.

    1. If Nintendo Didn’t had Mario & Zelda or nobody felt the need for the nostalgia that nobody today would know what Nintendo is, mean.

  3. About 8 hours into it. Absolutely loving it. It’s no wonder it’s sold out all over the place around where I live. Not 100% certain the way the game is constructed it can make a smooth transition into mid and late game, but the non-linear structure with none of your options really gated behind arbitrary progression gives you tons of ways to plan out your game. This will be one where people are coming up with new kinds of “challenges” on ways to complete it 10 years from now.


    While I agree that Octopath light lack the lasting appeal of most classic RPGs, you have to admire the heart, passion and dedication of the developers… For the innovation that is HD2D alone, this game deserves a buy. Please go out there and support them.

    1. Did you speak or work at the development team ?
      How you know they have passion and bla bla bla ass kissing ?

      Why doesn’t have Zelda team passion ?

      So I have to pay 60 bucks for some HD2D ???? THat’s it ?

      For a RPG it’s kinda sad nobody can tell me how the tactics are, how you gem and prepare the party.
      Because it’s made for stupid people, attack and heal Zzzzzz

      1. “So I have to pay 60 bucks for some HD2D ???? THatโ€™s it ?”

        No. That’s called you putting forth a completely dishonest straw man. It’s $60 because it’s one of the most carefully and well constructed non-linear RPG’s to come out since Skyrim.

        “For a RPG itโ€™s kinda sad nobody can tell me how the tactics are, how you gem and prepare the party.”

        It’s a large game that JUST came out. You don’t really start to open up all your build options until 8-9 hours in. Sure, I’ll explain how it works, since you apparently have an amount of patience on par with my 2 year old daughter.

        You start by picking one of the 8 main characters. They gain stats through a normal xp based leveling system, but their abilities are unlocked with spending job points earned in battle on the specific abilities you want, not unlike Final Fantasy Tactics. The game’s structure is nonlinear, and unlike most RPG’s, towns don’t all have the same large and ever expanding pool of gear for sale. Forest towns have bows, the religious town has taves, etc. So, when constructing your party, you have the choice of where you would like to travel and what other party members you proritize acquiring first, and where you go to get gear. Once you start getting around the level 20 mark, and can travel into the slightly more dangerous zones, the game opens up quite a bit. Near the starting points of the 8 main characters, but in dangerous places, are shrines that unlock that character’s job as a secondary class that can be equipped to a character that already has a different class. This gives them access to two equipment pools, two sets of abilities to purchase and equip, etc. So you’re not only deciding which characters you want, what order to complete the story to unlock new shops, and what abilities to purchase, but you’re also deciding which secondary classes to try and get and how those secondary classes correctly compliment the characters you’ve decided to use.

        I’ve played probably every major mainstream roleplaying game in history. This is *easily* more tactical with a larger list of definitely “right” and “wrong” choices than most of them. It’s easily more strategic than literally every main series Final Fantasy ever made. You’re just humiliating yourself to everyone who’s actually already played the game.

        “Because itโ€™s made for stupid people, attack and heal Zzzzzz”

        Sure, in the first few hours, just like every rpg ever. You sir have the IQ of a grapefruit.

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  5. About 20 hours in, loving it so far. The developers did a great job. The beginning is a bit slow, but once you get past that it really starts to show its shine. I love the more personal, singular stories.

      1. I wouldn’t worry about that when there are worse wrong spellings or use of grammar all over this comment section. And frankly I wouldn’t have even noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out.

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