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Digimon Survive Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2019

News has finally emerged regarding a new video game entry in the Digimon franchise. The game is titled Digimon Survive and is described by Twitter user BlackKite as a survival SRPG that combines 2D & 3D with lots of genres. It’s heading to both the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 next year. Here’s what is known about the game:

  • Conversations have 2D images, also have choices that will change story or even evolutions
  • Seems like click&point-style field investigations
  • Battles are strategy-style with square grids, has Energy as key factor
  • Protag is 8th grader with Agumon as partner


14 thoughts on “Digimon Survive Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2019”

  1. Well I’ll wait for official confirmation. I would like to have it be open world if possible. That click and point investigations thing sounds a little weird in a Digimon game

    1. it will more than literally be what i like to call a lazy localization with no dual audio. Fire Emblem Awakwening had this feature and it was well received that way both parties are happy.

  2. Agumon for Smash with Digivices as Pokeballs now?

    I’m joking. Sorta. Don’t see it happening realistically, but wouldn’t object if it did. Do Tamagotchi things count as video game origin?

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