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Europe: Octoling Octopus, Octoling Boy And Octoling Girl Amiibo Coming 9th November

Nintendo Europe has announced today that the Octoling Octopus, Octoling Boy And Octoling Girl Amiibo will be arriving on the 9th November 2018. They join the rest of the Splatoon 2 themed figures of which there are many. Take a look at the new additions in all their glory below.



17 thoughts on “Europe: Octoling Octopus, Octoling Boy And Octoling Girl Amiibo Coming 9th November”

  1. To think; Back in the days of Splatoon 1 we just wanted them to be playable, not only is that true but they also got amiibos and their own story campaign! What a time to be alive!

      1. Dude, I’ve never played an F-Zero game in my life and yet I still would love to see 1 in today’s quality.

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  3. These are mine day one ! no way am I missing out on these puppies so glad i have a person who can get me my amiibos fast and effectively (legally i might add) So these guys are a sure thing for me, and i still have my second box of pearl and marina still in the box. as Nintendo messed up and sent me them after i cancelled my order so i have one unboxed and another boxed.

  4. God I hate their outfits. They look like 13 year olds in fetish gear. Not sure why they went with this aesthetic for the octolings. I get they want them to be edgier with leather but I bet they could have designed prettier and more stylish leather outfits that conveyed that point with out just straight up barely designing them cool outfits at all. Also I get the hero of this mode is born from a test tube but octolings been looking like this since first game too.

      1. I get that. That’s why I think their looks are on the creepy side if things. ALSO setting aside that still troublesome point, they don’t even look like cute outfits. Like I love how fashionable Splatoon games are. Clothes is such a big aspect of the game too and I feel I could wear so many of the shoes and shirts but lolol can’t say the same for the octolings story mode outfits. Thankfully they wear legit clothes and not weird leather cosplay for online. Just feels like a missed opportunity to have octolings more represented by awesome punk or alternative looks that are actually cute but w/e. I don’t buy the Splatoon amigos so w/e

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