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Nintendo Talks About Possibility Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Demo Similar To ARMS And Splatoon 2

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is out this year on the Nintendo Switch and is sure to be a hit with fans and also newcomers to the established series. IGN recently met up with  Nintendo’s Bill Trinen to talk about the game and find out whether there is a possibility that the game would receive a demo in the same vein as the ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Mario Tennis Aces. Here’s what he had to say:

“Very good question. Right now they’re focused very much on getting the game ready. We have a few other things to talk about down the road between now and when it launches in December. We’ll hopefully have some news on that as we get closer to launch.”

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26 thoughts on “Nintendo Talks About Possibility Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Demo Similar To ARMS And Splatoon 2”

  1. Less talking more doing. The demo should already be out. If you can play it at gamescon , why not at home ?
    What the difference ? Does games con suck so much they need this kind of limited demo stuff ?

    1. The issue isn’t the demo itself, but the fact that data mining exists. If the demo got data mined (which it would within like 2 hours probably), we would more than likely have everything spoiled for us since they wouldn’t have covered anything up in the build. Only things that wouldn’t be spoiled would be things that haven’t been put into the build at all. Even just traces of stages, characters, and modes could be data mined

      1. An easy way around this is to just make a version that has anything they don’t want us to see removed from the game

        1. That would remove the issue sure, but it would also take some extra time to do. If they’ve got extra time close to release they might do that, but it’s probably less likely than say bringing the demo builds to the Switch kiosks in stores across the country

  2. I’m pretty confident there will be a server test before the game launches. Plus, it’s a good way to get people interested in the game who may have never played Smash before. I hope it happens. If not.. oh well.

      1. The content was not really the focus of the datamines, the characters were. In minutes, the entire cast of Aces was revealed, and the same could be true for Ultimate if they decide to release another online demo.

  3. I could see them doing the same thing they did with the last smash. 1 map, a handful of characters, local multiplayer a month before the game drops.

  4. Just have a build without content they don’t want to get mined. It’s not like they have to include all the info about the finished game in a demo build.

    Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo want dataminers to make hype for them. They are fully aware that it will happen, and they’re still adding full content-list inn demo builds.
    + We got that demo on for Smash 3DS. Don’t know if it got mined and someone found out something, but I can’t wrap my mind around the argue that “Removing content would take extra time”. Can’t be that hard, and even if it was, it’s Smash. They can afford to make an effort with one of their flagship series.

      1. I’m not from America, so I don’t know if I get it. Sounds like something from Futurama or Family Guy. But yeah, remember PS1 discs loaded with demos xP Could play those for hours as a kid.
        I remember Panzer Dragoon Saga for Saturn actually had the full first (of four) disc as a demo. Good times.

          1. Panzer Dragoon had a port on PS2, so it’s fully possible you did play it!
            Hah, haven’t watched Futurama for ages. Too bad it got shutted down. Loved it so much.

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