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Video: Nintendo Unleashes A New Nintendo Switch Advert

The Nintendo Switch continues to sell well the world over so it stands to reason that Nintendo would continue ramping up their advertising for the system. The thirty-second advert does a great job of showing off the versatility of the system along with the wide range of video games currently available for it.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!

18 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Unleashes A New Nintendo Switch Advert”

  1. Yes it’s summer time and no games, they even show 2017 games.

    Animal crossing or Pokemon Switch Go or Pikmin 4 should be RELEASED THIS SUMMER 2018 !
    Perfect summer games. The whole hybrid mobile Switch thing and no summer games.
    I really don’t understand that the richest game company in the WORLD doesn’t have SUMMER GAMES READY ???

      1. @Kintoki, what would your reasons be? Please tell. Or you can see it wasn’t for you. The game is selling extremely well.

  2. All games in the trailer are 2017 games, expect one from begin 2018 omg these people. Take into account this is the richest gaming and oldest in the world. Wake up and work harder Nintendo !!

  3. Could have showed Bayo 1+2 in that advert. Maybe showed Doom, Skyrim, & Wolfenstein, too. Sadly, Nintendo gotta Nintendo & focus on family friendly games only. Octopath Traveler just recently came out so they could have put that in this advert, too.

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