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Nintendo Switch And Nintendo Labo Can Be Yours For Only $340 At Best Buy

Nintendo has teamed up with Best Buy to offer a special deal to potential new owners of Nintendo Switch. For a limited time, if you purchase a Nintendo Switch system and the Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit or Nintendo Labo: Robot Kit, you’ll receive the hardware and selected kit for only $339.99. This deal is scheduled to last until July 29, so be sure to take advantage of it before it’s too late!


4 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch And Nintendo Labo Can Be Yours For Only $340 At Best Buy”

  1. For those of you taking advantage of this:

    Get the Robot Kit because it’s normally more expensive than the Variety Kit. The Variety Kit is better overall, but you’ll save $10 more in the long run if you plan to get both.

    If you only plan on getting one though, get the Variety Kit because it’s a lot more fulfilling!

    And don’t forget to get ARMS eventually! 😂👍 It’s an amazing title!

  2. So the 10$ price difference isn’t really that realistic? Or does this imply such a big profit/mark-up on the robokit that 10$ won’t change profitability?

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