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EVO 2018: Nintendo Says That There Will Be “Exciting Exhibition Matches” For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Nintendo Versus Twitter account has revealed more information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s appearance at EVO 2018. It was already revealed that there will be a demo at Nintendo’s booth, but there will also be “exciting exhibition matches featuring some notable fighting game personalities”. Here’s the official Nintendo Versus tweet:


  1. Maybe new character reveal from a major Fighting game like Tekken could be shown on stage? The game is developed by Namco and since Capcom got 2 reps idk why Namco wouldn’t also the character Hiehachi was considered for 4 as DLC but was dropped because at the time they couldn’t work out his moveset.

    1. Highly unlikely tbh. Not gonna say it won’t, but Nintendo rarely does this sort of thing. It’s harder to keep things tight lipped since it isn’t their own event

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