Nintendo UK Store: Summer Offers – Play Together This Summer

The Nintendo UK Store has announced that it has kicked off a new promotion: Play Together This Summer. There are a number of things to take advantage of including a Two Year Extended Warranty with any console purchases from the store. Here’s the highlights and be sure to check this link for everything which is available to you.

  • Free Next Day Delivery for Nintendo Switch & New Nintendo 2DS XL consoles
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty with console purchases
  • Nintendo Switch + Game + Case for £309.99
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL + 2 Games + Case for £149.99



  1. 2 Year Extended Warranty with console purchases is an European law, so are they really promoting EU laws, what the hell.
    The second year you have to proof it’s from bad design or production, good luck with that. I know I work in electronic store.
    Nobody gets his second year, so yeah this commercial and promoting of second year just says enough they got noting to convince for buying the hardware.

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