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Famitsu: Splatoon 2 1st Anniversary Interview With Developers

Japanese publication Famitsu has recently published an interview with some of the developers behind the immensely fun Splatoon 2. The game is celebrating its 1st anniversary so naturally the magazine caught up with the team to get some more insight into the game. Here’s some notable information translated by Reddit.

  • Rank X
    • The amount of active players in Rank X is a bit more than the initial players who were S+ 10 and above. Though this number is stabilized as Rank X power is reset every month and people with low power ratings get demoted. They explain the reason for why more people are in rank X is because more S+’s are trying to aim for it.
  • Music
    • When designing the music they thought that time has moved on and the trends and style of music have changed. This is expressed by having different bands appear, but when version 3.0.0 came along they wanted to balance that with a band from the previous game appear with Chirpy Chips.
  • Octolings (Non-Spoilers)
    • They planned Octolings since the start of Splatoon 2’s development. However they didn’t want to have Octolings suddenly be playable without an explanation, and wanted to find a way that could both explain that, get the player to empathize with the Octos and Off the Hook, which became the result of Octo Expansion.

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  1. When the 3Rd Splatoon comes out , I would love a co-op campaign. I think the developers could come up with some great stages that require 2 players working together.

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  2. I’d love to see asymmetrical VS modes in the next Splatoon game, like in Ranked Battles. Like a mode where one team tries to ink 4 spots on a map while the other team tries to defend them- if the attackers cap them, defense can’t cap them back. If Offense caps all 4 spots before time runs out, they win; if Defense can successfully hold at least one until time runs out, they win.


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