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Video: Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Reveal Trailer

Another Nintendo Labo Kit is on the way. Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit. The Vehicle Kit will have new Toy-Con projects, including a car, plane and submarine. The Vehicle Kit releases on September 14th. A brand new trailer was released with the announcement, so we’ve included it for you down below. Feel free to check it out.

24 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Reveal Trailer”

  1. I hate to sound like an overexcited little kid, but holy heck this looks awesome! I absolutely love Labo, and now I just might get this instead of the Robot Kit. Sorry, Robot, but this one’s cheaper! 🤷‍♂️

  2. More cardboard S***! Make proper games please Nintendo. Enough of this cheap, hollow kiddie crap, slapped with an exorbitant RRP.

    1. yeah, stop wasting your time with shit like BotW, Oddysey or Smash Bros. Proper games like Call of Duty!

      Seriously you might not understand who’s the audience for Labo and that it’s a good product actually. You also might just not be the audience of Nintendo, so getting a PS4 and stopping to cry might help.
      It’s true that there’s a software draught going on this year, but Nintendo not doing Labo wouldn’t really change that.

    2. Oh no watch out Link2metriod, the drones here are already preparing and declaring full blow out war.

      Whatever you do, not criticize Dear Leader Kim Yo … I mean Nintendo.

      Don’t bother here buddy, these people here don’t wanna talk about games, just pumping and hyping each other up for boosting each other ego. It’s very personal the garbage around them, they invested all the love into it and forgot the humans around them. They are sick. Watch out !

      1. What do you mean “these people”?

        Anywho, Not a massive fan of Labo, but nintendo is raking in serious cash with these kits.
        Also, link2metroid… we’re still getting proper games. Don’t get ya knickers all bunched up.

  3. This one looks really great. Looks really fun to explore. Is this the return of everyone’s favourite character Wuhu Island?!

        1. They made Labo first as a separate thing, then made it compatible with Mario Kart later. I think Nintendo wants to see which Labo kits sell well, then decide what’s compatible with what.

  4. Does anyone feel like using your mii in this would have been great? I feel like they’ve been put on the back burner with the switch 😔

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