The CEO Of Inti Creates Says That He “Would Love To Create A New The Adventure Of Link For The Modern Era”

Nintendo Force’s 34th issue contains an interview with Takuya Aizu, the CEO of Inti Creates. At one point in the interview, Nintendo Force asked Aizu “if you could make a game in any Nintendo franchise, with an unlimited budget, which would you choose and why”. Aizu revealed that he’d love to make a “new The Adventure Of Link for the modern era”. Here’s a tweet that relayed the news:


  1. I have nearly every Zelda game (aside from the Game Boy versions). But Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link is one that I’ve never played. Even though I have several versions of it. That stupid overhead map where the enemies constantly attack is the reason. That’s SO annoying.

  2. I love original zelda II 2D platformer passages and gameboy links awakening 2D passages and fishing for high nintendo quality of this passages. New more Classic, more 2D zelda for Switch is a dream :)
    Something like link between worlds (mine fauvorite small zelda game;)

  3. The first Adventure Time game on the 3DS did a pretty good job with the Zelda II style.

  4. 1:1 hd remaster remake.
    day one, its mine :-)
    but please with the old music… i love the 8bit sound :-)
    if not possible just the melodies.

  5. I like almost every Zelda. The only ones i considere failures are: Zelda Triforce Heroes, with that stupid 1 solo player or 3 player (no 2 player); that Crossbow spin off.

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