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Fire Emblem Heroes Revenue Has Reached $400 Million Worldwide

Fire Emblem Heroes has proved to be a massive hit for Nintendo in terms of revenue. The game has thus far managed to accumulate a massive $400M worldwide. The information was revealed by data analytic firm, Sensor Tower. The site says that revenue is six times greater than Super Mario Run and 9.5 times greater than Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which should please Nintendo. The strategic mobile RPG has grossed $20 million per month since launch on average.


14 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes Revenue Has Reached $400 Million Worldwide”

      1. Mmm girls from Fire Emblem? Well if I have to add a female FE character then there is a problem because there are some good female characters like:
        Celica: I prefer her in compares to Alm
        Micaiah: Why not adding a full mage character.
        Eirika: Despite the fact that she is not my fav lord in Sacred Stone, and also I prefer to play as his brother Ephrairm, she is also a bit popular.
        Camilla: Hard to see another FATES character and also she always fight on the Wyvern so even if she is one of my fav female character it’s hard to make her as a character for Smash.
        Shiida/Caeda: Same as Camilla, she is another SHADOW DRAGON character and she always fight on the Pegaso so it’s hard to see her too.
        Lyn: I know she is an assist trophy but she can be an unique character.
        Edelgard: She only appeared in the trailer of the new FE game and I hardly believe she will get into Smash

    1. To be fair, FEH wouldn’t have made as much money if it weren’t for the previous games. I mean… it’s pretty heavy on Awakening and Fates fanservice.

  1. I love this game, so much content all free and mobile, play it everywhere. It also has a good ‘new tutorial for those overwhelmed by all the depth. This, animal crossing and Pokemon Go and Mario Run are my only games in have now for years on my phone and every morning I login to all of them for daily rewards.

    – Animal crossing for leaf tickets

    – Fire emblem for Orbs ( already have around 700 used ) all free just by daily log in and quests

    – Pokemon GO for Heal potions and revives so I can recover from gyms

    – Mario I don’t log in daily but still play it when I’m somewhere and I feel a need for some gaming.

    I never have to take the Switch outside because of this and I’m prob. the only here wishing for a real console with amazing controller for serious gaming in 60 frames and low latency or whatever it is.

    So my hope is Nintendo goes more Mobile phone as 3DS replacement and make a real home console just as powerful like a pc or PS4 or whatever it as that time, well it doesn’t need to be super B powerful, I would love some serious game device from Nintendo that is some serious pro device for esports and online gaming.

    Online gaming is really the future for me. Wish we had Zelda BOtw online like Resident Evil 5. Someone random or friend can drop in and together you can solve and need each other for 2 player puzzles. One can be Zelda or whatever.

    Well that’s it folks. End of story, good night.

    1. I disagree. There’s something beneficial in allowing an “ending” or “conclusion” to your game. It’s a more unique experience than just exploiting addictive human tendencies.

  2. It is good and bad, the good part is that the series will continue and the bad part is that Intelligent Systems might design future entries as fan service games, which FE heroes is!

    Heck, even some hardcore fans know the current FE as “the true comedy tactical/RPG”

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