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Nintendo Confirms Retro Studios Is Still Hiring New Employees

Recent rumors suggested that Retro Studios was in the process of being shut down by Nintendo, but you can rest assured that this doesn’t seem to be the case. The developer has put up a number of job listings for several different positions, including a physics engineer and a graphics engineer. This hints at the true current state of Retro Studios, which appears to still be alive and well. You can learn more about the studio’s status by watching the video below:

27 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms Retro Studios Is Still Hiring New Employees”

  1. What’s next a video here about Reviewtechusa his opinion about Nintendo.
    Spawn is just a Nintendo Band wagon jumper, his Xbox channel failed.

    Oh well, not gonna cry about this guy since he bring daily Reddit news, Unlike lazy RTU !

    1. Spawn Wave doesn’t just do Nintendo but he is a great source for gaming news and Rich is something else, a cucumber god that everyone and their mom likes for some reason and he is also great source for news that also includes gaming news.

      1. This cucumber this isn’t even funny, it’s such a forced meme for getting awareness to his channel. Totally not funny and kinda sad for his age. This dude is the next DSP gaming. E beggar luring in your Joy con boys.

  2. OK, so just what are they working on if not Metroid.

    2 things I was really hoping for at e3 was mp4 footage and what retro have been up to, but we got neither.
    Come on Nintendo (spill the beans)

    1. I still think they are working on a Metroid game but not 4 (shame as they should) maybe they making a MP trilogy HD? Dread? Hunters HD?

    2. Donkey Kong. Nintendo doesn’t make their own Donkey Kong games in house. If Retro isn’t making it, then who?

      Note: Not an endorsement. Just my guess.

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