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Sonic Movie Takes Place In The Fictional Town Of Green Hills

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is primed to be screened at various cinemas in November next year and filming is currently taking place at Pitt Lake, Vancouver. It appears as though the movie will take place in a fictional small town which is called Green Hills. The news emerged through Twitter. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie will premier on 15th November 2019.

27 thoughts on “Sonic Movie Takes Place In The Fictional Town Of Green Hills”

  1. Seriously, what about making a good Sonic game, like the one from Dreamcast with the chao tamagotchi.

    It’s getting worse and worse and still this company keeps alive , just pure by brand name. Crazy how long you can milk out failed franchise


  2. Ugh, this is probably going to be as bad as the YouTube Sonic live action movie.
    Couldn’t they make the Sonic movie take place on Mobius (ignoring that it’s technically still Earth)? Considering all the outlandish locations that Sonic games have visited, why would the movie take place in the real world?

    1. That’s all the Sonic brand has … Level 1 Green hill.
      all the rest is kinda meh, noting special really. Compare this with Mario’s creativity. Kinda sad really. Nintendo should have bought Sonic long ago. Only they can save Knuckle head now

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  4. Green Hill. According to Sonic Forces, Green Hill is Sonic’s favorite place. It would make sense since it seems every Sonic game starts off in Green Hill Zone. And now it seems the movie will do the same. lol (Speaking of Sonic Forces, I need to hurry up and collect all of the Red Star Rings so I can get an S Rank on the stages it unlocks. Oh & beat Episode Shadow. Then I can move on to my next game.)

  5. Cute chat room banter. Fools one and all unfortunately I fell into this cesspool trying to find where this movie was filmed . Go visit that real town and have a good time outdoors. Pretty sad you folks don’t have a life outside of the internet and fantasy children video games. We are doomed

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