Retro Studios Not Involved With Mario Kart 8 Development

A Nintendo representative has revealed that Retro Studios isn’t involved with the development process of Mario Kart 8. Although it helped with Mario Kart 7, the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze studio hasn’t assisted Nintendo EAD in its work on the upcoming Wii U racing title. New information about Mario Kart 8 was unveiled yesterday, April 3rd. The game is scheduled to launch on May 30th in stores and in the Nintendo eShop.


  1. Uhh hello! this is good two here! retro studios does retro games rite? like nes remix butt i want mario kart Ate to look good and 4khd and not retro so that is good knews!

    1. Retro Studios didn’t make either of the NES Remix games. They’ve made the Metroid Prime trilogies and the two DKCR games as well as helping on Mario Kart 7.

      1. Dude, he’s obviously a troll. It’s like replying to a piece of drywall

      1. Yes, 4K, the HD beyond the HD. The quality all 8th Gen consoles should strive for.

      2. Thing is even PS4 can’t handle 4KHD games. The only platform that can handle 4K right now is PC.

  2. Those guys are hopefully working on a new Metroid game. I hope it erases or depletes Nintendo’s “kiddy” image, I’m sick and tired of getting picked on because I own a Wii U and my schoolmates own 360’s.

    1. Are you young? This does not happen with mature people, only ignorant and kiddy gamers say stuff like that, aka the wannabe COD Masters. Metroid is going to come on the U, it’s only a matter of time. All consoles/portable had their own Metroid cept n64 and 3ds.

      1. yea Im 14, and most of my freinds like call of duty and stuff like that but i like Nintendo games because i dont always want to kill people, i keep telling them Wii U is more powerful and they wont listen, and people act like wii u doesn’t have mature games but it has alot.

      2. I feel like that too. I just don’t get why some people are so obsessed with killing each other.

      3. its not about killing other. those games arent on wiiu. is gtav on wiiu? no. nobody wants a wiiu because its the worst option to game on,terrible online,no third party and undepowed with a gimmck

      4. I have GTAV on my 360 and I have a WiiU.. I like my WiiU ALOT better and that’s just my personal preference. Just because you play common games, doesn’t everyone is interested in what you do as well.

      5. Who would wanna play gta on a console anyway? GTA IV + iCEnhancer on pc looks better than GTA V

      6. i left GTA V in middle because my wii u is WAY more fun. I don’t what is the hate with nintendo, ok the Wii was less powerful than others, but it also came out a year before everyone. And it still the same.

        Also the community of nintendo is A LOT better, much less hating.

      7. Thank you for proving my point that little kids play Microsoft and games meant for an older audience. Should be laughing at them for having a weaker powered system, since y’know? Everyone who points off the best traits to an XBox or PlayStation, always starts with better graphics or atleast mentions them. And if they try to go with pointing out X Box One and PS4 have better graphics than Wii U, ask them why they don’t have those then? Why do they pay for online services just to play with other little brats and get called noobs like they actually are. Since they are playing games that are meant for adults.

      8. actually adults play those adult games. just look how kiddy and terrible miiverse is.

      9. You’re so wrong, more adults play Nintendo than the other 2…


        1. Real adults wouldn’t brag about how “adulty” and “mature” they are…

        2. About 75% of the time it’s always preteens or teenagers playing Xbot and Sonyan games…

        3. Our Nintendolings are more mature than your so called adults simply because they lay what they like and they don’t brag about how mature they are…

      10. I was all with you until you said “Nintendolings”. It just doesn’t sound right man.

      11. As you should…

        Soon I’ll join you all with wave 2…

      12. Hey, Don’t tell them that the Wii U is more powerful, It isnt true. Just say that you play whatever the fuck you want and that CoD and blowing people’s heads is soooo mature. *sarcasm*

    2. Then they really aren’t your mates if they are picking on you for some retaded reason like what fucking video game console you own.

    3. How about you stop being their friends and find new ones?…

      Or better yet, be alone instead of having “friends” that bullies you…

      That’s why I hate Xbots and Sonyans, they are often racists, bullies and other nonsense low-life apes…

      1. And I would decimate the Nintendites that are like this aswell…

    4. This, as much as I love nintendo gsmes as is. I want them to shift units so other devs make games for it and I think if they can do a metroid game with an amazing campaign and a multiplayer somewhere along the lines of halo they could get some hardcore users over.

      1. nintendo lied about geting the hardcore over to wiiu. they went back causal and kiddy.

      2. There’s a difference between “kiddy” and “for everyone”. Something like licensed games based on kids’ shows are kiddy, while something like Mario, DK, Kirby, Pokemon, Pikmin, and most of Nintendo’s franchises are for everyone.

    5. even tho i own a wiiu am not buying nintendo games again. nintendo is kiddy and everyone knows. good thing am getting a xbox 360.

      1. I would love to see X360 player’s try to complete champion’s road in kiddy game called Mario 3d World. Just because it look’s cartoony doesn’t mean it’s not hardcore. Believe me games like Wonderfull 101, DK Tropical Freeze, Mario 3D World are tougher than any “harcore” fps made in last 5 -7 years. Heck any NES, SNES game look’s like shit by today standards but i bet you that all those self proclaimed “hardcore gamers” could not handle any game of that era.

      2. Ok, do that and while your at it stop coming back to this site because as you can see clearly it’s a site about Nintendo news.

    1. You must be trolling unless you know that these guys made the excellent Metroid Prime games and the two DKCR games.

      1. i know these guys shit all over the great snes dk games. instead of making challenging enemies…they made cheap levels

    2. I wouldn’t say they suck, though I have played 3 (MP, MP2, DKCR) of their 5 games, never beat any of them, and found one of them to be very cheap in design (DKCR)

    3. Yup. You’re stupid.

      No they dont. The Metroid Prime trilogy kicked ass and their Donkey Kong games are just as challenging. Quit acting like a dumbass pretending you know shit about anything Nintendo related. Go play the fucking games first before opening your unbrushed mouth.

      1. I played dkcr. Poor controls, cheap level design….and bad hit detection.

  3. People say to buy a wii u for nintendo games, fuck your shitty nintendo games… I bought a Wii U because it’s not a graphical update like the Fagbox one and Shitstation 4 are. It’s completely different. Its got a cool tablet controller, free online, a state of the art web browser, and loads of fun adult games, the wii u games i own are Assassins creed 4, Resident evil REV, black ops 2, cod ghosts, and Need for speed and so far i am loving this thing!!!

    1. Woah you bought a Wii U and you don’t care for Nintendo games? That’s a first!

      1. Am actually impressed he bought 3rd party games. Great ones at that. Resident evil revelations is awesome. Assassins creed 4 as well. He shall get Zelda U and metroid when released :).

      2. A new sort of troll perhaps?…

        Or maybe not…

      3. Only “Nintendo” game that I had on gamecube, was eternal darkness.
        Rest were third party and I still loved that console.
        Nintendo games so far on Wii U, has been a mild disappointment
        But Nintendo games are not really the reason I bought Wii U.

  4. I was wondering why the game only looks like an 8 / 10.

    It’d be 9.5 / 10 if Retro was involved.

  5. I’m gonna assume it is because they have been too busy working on Metroid….yeah I’m gonna keep telling myself that’s why they weren’t involved in Mario Kart 8. Makes me feel nice :)

    1. Whatever they are working on, I just hope it’s Another masterpiece like everything they have touched so far…

    2. Nintendo denied them of Samus wearing her Zero Suit and waving the checkered flag from start of the race and ending of it because she’s too provocative and would topple the Mario Princesses in appeal of their biker suits.

  6. Retro studios was too busy working on there classic called dkctf. I hope that game ends up being a great seller for them down the line. Even if it ends up being a sales flop, im glad nintendo wont be laying them off like other companies do.

    1. They said they would be “lucky” if they got to return to Metroid, and that was a few weeks ago, so it’s likely something else.

      1. I don’t like that people want them to work on Metroid only all the time because when you work with something for a long time, your entusiasm fades and ultimately becomes milked games like AC or CoD…

      2. I hope they are making F-Zero, Ice-Climbers or some other Nintendo game that hasn’t seen the surface in a long time…

      3. My thoughts exactly Commander. I’d love to see Ice Climbers return.

      4. Indeed, I had so much fun playing it back in the ancient times of the NES…

    1. Whether you’re being sarcastic or not, I would have liked that too…

      Too bad the Xbots own Banjo and a few other characters that were in the original…

      Maybe create new characters…

  7. Right now there are 24 characters already confirmed, it’s getting pretty good…

    I just hope Falco returns, my favorite character in Smash to play with…

    And Ganondorf or Ghirahim better be playable, hopefully both…

    1. At this point, characters that have been in the last 2 smash bros games are guaranteed to return, and Ghirahim could be interesting to represent Skyward Sword.
      The one character I want playable is Paper Mario. I’ve had people tell me he’d just be a clone, but he could use his partners, badges, and hammers, plus he’d represent the Paper Mario series (obviously) or the Mario RPGs in general.

    1. Show me a perfect studio.
      Of course, if you’re a fan of certain studio, you do not necessary notice or care about their minor FUps.
      And if you like what the company is doing for you, isn’t it quality then?

  8. This is off topic, but there’s going to be a Smash Bros. nintendo direct Tuesday 3pm pt and 6pm et.

  9. Good. Not because Retro was bad or anything, but it does show that MK8 hasn’t been rushed. MK7 was very rushed for a Nintendo game, showed by the number of game-breaking glitches when the game launched and the lack-luster roster (such as Metal Mario which is just Mario with a metallic skin and slight voice manipulation). Also the lack of a single-player VS mode.

    Retro did a fine job helping with MK7 (almost all the glitched tracks were EAD developed), but the fact Nintendo didn’t need to call in another developer for MK8 is positive.

  10. I’ll never stop asking why Nintendo made Rosalina look SO much like Peach, instead of making her look completely different? She’s like Peach’s twin, only with a different hair style. It makes me wish they’d bring back Pauline into some more major roles. At least she looked noticeably different.

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