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Ubisoft Reveals That Child Of Light And Valiant Hearts Are Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year

Both the critically acclaimed Child of Light and Valiant Hearts are coming to the Nintendo Switch this year courtesy of the team at Ubisoft. Child of Light will be released on 11th October and Valiant Hearts will arrive on 8th November. Both games have been tweaked slightly for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s the details straight from Ubisoft:

Child of Light:

By utilizing the power of light, Aurora and Igniculus will work together to solve puzzles. On Switch, players can team up with a friend as Igniculus can be controlled by another player using a Joy-Con controller.

Valiant Hearts:

On Switch, Valiant Hearts is fully playable with touch controls, allowing you to interact with the characters and world like never before. Additionally, Switch owners will have access to an interactive comic book, Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War. The comic tells the tale of Walt the dog and his sister Cassie in the early years of WW1 as they navigate dangerous trenches in order to deliver important messages and rescue fallen soldiers.


Thanks to onealfgarcia for the news tip!


  1. Oh look! More years old ports. As Switch owners we can’t have the big games from Ubisoft and everybody else. But it takes them hardly any effort to transfer these older, less taxing games onto Switch.

  2. I just might have to reacquire Child of Light. It’s a lovely gem of a game, and I never beat it on the Wii U.

  3. Waiting for Ubisoft to give Switch Assassin’s Creed & other big triple A games? Keep waiting sadly. But hey! If some of you can wait months or years for Nintendo games, you can do the same with 3rd party games! For some of you, you got a double standard so it’s okay for Nintendo to take awhile but God forbid any 3rd parties do the same. You know who you are.

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