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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition Has Been Announced

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a limited edition. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Limited Edition will release alongside the regular edition on December 7th. The Limited Edition contains the game, a Smash Bros. GameCube Controller and a GameCube Controller adapter. Nintendo announced this on Twitter, so we’ve included their tweet down below.

34 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition Has Been Announced”

        1. Yea i did sakurai also said he was never working on smash brothers again after 4 a while back. I’m just saying we shouldn’t rule out additional characters possibly being added after the game releases

      1. When I say “final roster” I mean just in the context of the shipped game. DLC is always a possibility.
        No, my point is that they went to the trouble to omit the characters revealed today from that graphic… or rather, they went to trouble of adding them after they were revealed.
        I mean… it makes sense, I suppose. Ultimate’s gimmick is EVERYONE’S HERE so they’d probably like to show everyone on the box.
        And also, of course, there’s no reason to believe that is the confirmed final box art being shown there.

    1. Refer back to Smash for Wii U’s box design and you’ll have your answer. I highly doubt this is the final roster.

      1. Well, I refer you to the size of Switch game cases and say it’s highly unlikely they can fit it all in that small space.
        BUT… this is a special edition with the panoramic image that keeps updating.

    1. There is no errors. It’s written correctly and in the right order (from the shortest to the longest), unlike in america, where everything is messed up.

  1. I know I’m somehow in the minority here, but I can’t stand the GC controllers. I never get why they are lauded as some controller creativity pinnacle. Oh well, to each their own I guess.

    1. I loved the GameCube controller back in the day but i’ve no desire to use it now. It’ll be the Switch Pro controller for me.

  2. A rough estimate i made all the items the game, adaptor, and controller, at standard price sum up to 109.98 maybe around that,

    1. For smash 4 they had the same edition and it came at 99, ten dollars cheaper than buying them separately i want the box thou, i already preordered everything individually.

  3. So for those of us who bought the Wii U Collector’s Edition will have to have 2 adapters now? Can even Switch use to adapters? Wii U could at least. Hope they comes with a adapterless bundle. So we who already has it don’t have to spend more than necessary for a Limited edition.

    1. This is something my brother told me and we tried, the adapter uses two usb cables, one for power and one for data, you can plug in the date cable ( i dont remember which is which) to the Wii u/switch and the other cable connected to a power source, that way you can conect 2 to the nintendo switch, wii u had 4 usb ports, which is just enough for 2 adapters.

    2. The controller should be fine as long as you use 5V and less than 1 Amp (so no “fast” or “turbo” chargers). If i’m not mistaken, the only thing the “power” cable adds is the rumble feature, but I could be wrong

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