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Video: Tale Of The Ice Staff Coming Exclusively To Nintendo Switch In 2019

A brand new action RPG is heading exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in the form of Tale of the Ice Staff by Zodiac Interactive. You can find a trailer for the nostalgic looking RPG down below and it is well worth having a watch.

“Embark on a stunning magical journey with Yersa and her companion Nick in this single-player 2D action RPG. Shape the course of the engrossing storyline, explore new lands, meet interesting characters, and uncover secrets about the mysterious world. But be cautious! Dark forces are trying to keep you from the truth. This gem by Kurimi Gaming combines its nostalgic pixelated style with state-of-the-art game mechanics.”

10 thoughts on “Video: Tale Of The Ice Staff Coming Exclusively To Nintendo Switch In 2019”

        1. Nah, I bought one for my niece, and thats where ive tried a few games, but I havent felt like I needed one just yet. Im almost certain Smash is going to make me cave, but im not entirely too sure about it yet.

          A new exclusive tales of game would definitely made me get it. Had Nintendo secured Tales of Vesperia as an exclusive, I wouldve got one right away lol.

          1. The name for the movie is right there before you play the video. It’s a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Donald Sutherland. Unless you’ve never heard of this movie before (or it’s original.) In which case, that’s worse than not buying a Switch. The original is a classic. I recommend watching it at least once if you haven’t seen the original. In fact, I need to watch the original & it’s remake with Sutherland (Leonard Nimoy is also in the remake (RIP Nimoy…) myself as I don’t remember much of the original & never seen the remake.

            Anyway, you’ll get the joke once you know what the “body snatchers” are.

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