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The Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Launch “In The Second Half Of September”

Nintendo hasn’t said much about the Nintendo Switch Online service, which is supposed to launch next month. Well, Nintendo has decided to confirm that the online service will launch in “the second half of September”. Nintendo has yet to provide an exact release date, and there are still some NES games releasing with the service that Nintendo hasn’t revealed yet. We’ve included their official tweet down below.

31 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Launch “In The Second Half Of September””

  1. Two weeks later-
    Nintendo: Nintendo Switch Online launches in the final 15% of the third quarter of the sixth eighth of September.

  2. Wait, what? Cloud data COMPATIBLE games?! Why isn’t this a system-feature rather than a game specific feature? How hard can it be to make the system look for .sav files(or whatever) and back those up? It better just be compatible with ever single game day one.

    1. Or what? What will you do? It’s not like Nintendo owes you anything…

      It’s up to each 3rd party developer to decide if they want to enable cloud saving or not.

      I’m pretty sure every 1st party titles will be, but for the rest of them Nintendo is not to blame.

      1. I’m not threatening them. I just express what I deem fair for a backup-function locked behind a subscription with no free substitution. I can’t remember them saying “compatible games” before now. Cheap move to just announce it a month and a half before launch, unless I’m wrong here. But still — if they’re forcing us to pay for backuping games, at least let us back up all our games. It’s not about that they owe me, but it’s about them being customerfriendly.

    1. It could be that they are just factoring in previously released Switch games that need to be updated to be compatible.

      Either that or it’s going to be based off the whim of the dev to implement the feature…. much like video capture :/

  3. I just want my $20 a year subscription to their “Legacy Games” and I rather hope that it expands to SNES, N64 and GBA games sometime in the future.

    1. If you’re not willing to pay 20$/year for such a service, then it’s not Nintendo who’s greedy.

      The concurrence is way pricier for not so much more.

  4. nintendo get off your lazy fucking ass and tell us all the details not a small portion were a month away from launch and the consumer deserves to know what were getting ourselves into.

    1. First of all, I have no idea what that has to do with ‘lazy’ in the slightest. It is not like there is any kind of notable work involved in telling something to customers nowadays…

      Secondly, why is everyone so sure that they didn’t tell us everything already? It is just 20$ a year, I don’t expect there to be anything more at this point at all.
      The only thing I am pretty sure we are getting at some point is more retro games (newer than nes) because only getting nes games seems a bit weird, especially with them being online playable which only really benefits games from the snes era and newer, in my opinion at least…
      But even for that, I am not so sure they would talk about it before the service starts.

  5. “This thing launches next month at an unspecified date, we delayed paid online because that’s apparently possible, and we still have little info to tell you at this time other than a paid account is mandatory if you value your save files. But look, retro games have online now!”

    Does that sound about right?

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  7. It’s bs that the switch online only has nes titles at launch when the wii shop had nes, snes, and 64 games at its launch .

  8. So that’s a hard no on us getting another Direct in August that will cover it. I know it’s just another month & a half away but yay! More waiting! If Nintendo could charge us for waiting, they’d make even more money. (Square Enix, too. *cough*FFXV&KH3*cough*)

  9. All I want to know is, why is there still no internet browser? Will there EVER be one? I used to use the internet browser on my Wii U on a daily basis. But then it suddenly stopped working unless I’m in the same room. WHY? Even after re-connecting it to the internet, it STILL won’t work when I walk out of my bedroom. Games either. Makes no sense.

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