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Sumo Digital Acquires The Chinese Room Who Made Dear Esther And Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

Sumo Digital, who developed the charming Snake Pass and are currently working on Team Sonic Racing, has announced today that it has acquired The Chinese Room. That particular company was the brains behind Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture.

“Sumo will provide the support and experience I’m looking for to take The Chinese Room to the next level,” Pinchbeck said in a statement. “Our aim is to build on the reputation I’m proud to have earned, to create a truly world-class studio delivering bold, imaginative new games.”

“Pinchbeck confirmed that The Chinese Room is already working on new concepts, and is in “discussions with partners” about games that are already in various stages of development.”

“The Chinese Room has an outstanding reputation and its acquisition will enhance and extend Sumo Digital’s capabilities,” said Carl Cavers, CEO of Sumo Group. “Having a studio in the south of England opens new doors for the Group and we are confident that it will create exciting opportunities.”



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  1. It’s so difficult to read these article titles, especially when they have weird game or company names (which a lot do nowadays). I wish MNN could use some sort of punctuation to differentiate the game|company name from normal words.

    Here’s an idea on a fix…

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