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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Demo For Nintendo Switch Coming Tomorrow

Capcom has announced today via the official Monster Hunter Twitter account Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch will be receiving a demo tomorrow. Although information about what’s included in the demo is scarce it is apparently the same build as the show floor demo builds that the press and consumers have played at recent events.

“Monster hunter demos are floor demo builds. Don’t expect the game to tell you anything about itself, any tutorial, any hint at what the full game offers. This is a stand-alone build that lets you play and get some hands on with the system and some monsters, like MHW Beta did.”


24 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Demo For Nintendo Switch Coming Tomorrow”

  1. I played the MH3U demo years ago and wasn’t sold on it. I’m not sure how different this is, but I want to get into this series. If this doesn’t do it, I guess I’ll have to go to World.

    1. MH games are definitely daunting to a newcomer. I probably never would have got into the series if MH3U didn’t come out when there was nothing else to play on the Wii U.
      But yeah, it doesn’t really start feeling good until you invest some time in it and get your bearings. Warning though… it demands A LOT of time out of you (or is built that way, at least). I wouldn’t force yourself into the game unless you’ve got nothing else to play in the meantime.

      1. How is Worlds better? Its easy, few big monsters, no underwater or climbing battles, no challenge, no new weapons types, no arena battles.

        The only thing World’s dose better is look better, and only graphic whores care about that.

        1. Uhm… It hasn’t underwater levels, but people the most finded those levels exhausting, they haven’t been there since MH3U. It got few monsters, but not THAT few, and they’re adding new ones for free all the time. Climbing Battle is there and better than ever. There are quite the challenge in that game, and I’ve played MH since PS2. No new weapon types, no, but every weapon got refined and tweaked to the max with new moves and better fluidity. There are PLENTY with Arena Battles and different types and different arenas. You’re quite uniformed to make such claims.

          It it more user friendly, it got a better flow in and outside of battle, the battle itself has been ramped up a lot and the new seamless world without those loadingscreens are a fabulous addition to the serie. The ecosystem in the games is awesome and adds to the challange.

        1. Well… I’ve played MH since 2004, and World is by my opinion the most fluid and best designed MH this far + the difficulty level isn’t turned down at the end game.

    1. If u want an easier time to learn the game and QoL improvements then go for World
      If u want alot of content, dont mind the steeper learning curve, more difficult monsters then go for Gen Ulti

  2. Just a heads up for anyone new to the series, the demos for MH games tend to be more for veterans than new players. They’re more for testing out new weapons/abilities/armor sets than anything. You’re thrust into combat with one of a few predetermined loadouts without the need to worry about the items you bring or the mats you’d need to farm.

    It’s a small taste of the overall experience that doesn’t really do the best job of giving new players a worthwhile judgement on whether or not to buy.

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  4. I’m really on the fence about this one,so I’ll definitly try that demo to see if I can have fun with it.I wish this series was kinder to newcomers,I really want to get into it

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