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Kotaku Says Dark Souls On Nintendo Switch Performs Very Well

Gamescom is taking place at the moment and one game which is playable on the show floor is the long-awaited Dark Souls for the Nintendo Switch. Kotaku has gone hands-on with the game and have come away feeling impressed with what they played. The game has a stable framerate and they didn’t find any issues. The only issue they did find was the Gamescom build had the buttons reversed for whatever reason, but that’s just an issue with the build.

“The build we played was a little funky, the A and B button functions on menus were reversed so you had to hit B to confirm and A to back out of a menu, but from what I could tell speaking to the rep this was an issue specific to this build of the game, not a design choice.”

“This is Dark Souls on a handheld, with a stable framerate that didn’t drop in any of the areas I tried specifically with the aim of making it drop. It feels responsive to control, and looks more than good enough to make the trade off for portability worthwhile.”



  1. “This is Dark Souls on a hybrid console, with a stable framerate that didn’t drop in any of the areas I tried specifically with the aim of making it drop. It feels responsive to control, and looks more than good enough to make the trade off for portability worthwhile.”

  2. Meanwhile Bandai pull “Mass Effect” to Nintendo Fans releasing Dark Souls Trilogy in other consoles except switch and with THE SAME RELEASE DATE AS DS Remastered.


    1. That is pretty lame but I wonder if it’ll actually work in favor of Dark Souls Remastered for Switch. DS2 and DS3 are already on consoles (with a discounted price tag) and people were already fleeced into buying Dark Souls Remastered earlier this year for $40. I think more people will be inclined to buy portable Dark Souls that day vs an $80 trilogy of games they probably already have or can buy cheaper individually.

      Now… the only problem I see is maybe some might now be hesitant to buy Dark Souls Remastered on Switch because they wonder if a Dark Souls Trilogy could be coming to Switch 6 months later…

      1. And I still waiting for new Bandai games for switch and still NOTHING. everything for the other consoles and this was Gamescon first day. WHERE ARE THE GAMES BANDAI!!!!!!!!!!.

    2. As much as I’m excited for the Switch version, this is a big pile of crap… It’s not only the Switch owners, there are also a lot of other angry people, who just bought the remastered edition im May, just 5 months before the trilogy releases.

      1. Namco Bandai has been practicing bad habits for a while now. Their season passes are often cheap with content. Ni no Kuni 2’s SP for example hasn’t even revealed what its contents are, and no reveal-date has been given, and still they’ve been selling it since before launch. And look at the DBZ and Digimon games.

    3. Not even close. As far as I know, EA is doing almost nothing with the Switch aside from FIFA.

      On the Bandai side of things, there’s this, FighterZ, My Hero: One’s Justice, and Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition.

    4. Bandai Namco is the new EA? *bursts into laughter* They are nowhere near EA’s level. They are above EA’s level. Around 10 games from BN on or coming to Switch with more most likely on the way. Meanwhile, EA is only at 2 or 3 games on Switch. Try again.

      1. It’s not even accurate. FromSoftware is making these decisions, not Bandai Namco.
        They are cash grabs though, but probably not in EA sort of way but moreso FromSoft to pad their profits while they take their time developing new games like Sekiro instead of being forced to rush them out the door for payday.
        That’s probably the most optimistic attitude you can reasonably have about From’s Dark Souls rereleases here.

      2. I do think that people are saying that they’re like EA because NB has had a lot of shady practices of late. From the top of my head comes Digimon Cybersleuth 2 and Ni no Kuni 2. Ni no Kuni 2’s season pass has been selling since launch, and no one even know when it comes or what it contains.

  3. the B being confirm and A to back out may seem annoying but if you look at it like this X is confirm and O is back out on PS controllers, Japanese has been doing the B=ok and A=not ok since the NES era, i don’t mind that which makes it not only harder to remember but i think it will be kinda fun to fight with the button actions, also i’ve played games where B=pk and A=not ok then when i play games where a=ok and B=not ok i get them mixed up because i got used to the previous setup

  4. I’ve never even played Dark Souls and I have mixed feelings about this whole thing.

    A trilogy of these games with everything included is not exactly bad, I guess. But, they chose the absolute worst timing.

    Right next to the Switch release that only has one game? And announcing it 3 months after Remastered just launched for the others? Where is the logic in this?

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